Makeup and Inspiration: Hazy Eyes

The site brings a picture to inspire! For parties, weddings, new year’s day, graduations, Christmas, …

An idea of hair + makeup for all kinds of women, looks.

Why makeup can be a way of valuing, raise self-esteem, show that each has of better!

There is nothing more beautiful than a makeup done with striking eyes.

And, when the makeup can ally: the classic + simplicity + elegance, actually, becomes something unbeatable.

EHuaCom brings the image of hazy eyes with shadow in colors: black + brown + gray.

The eye contour area delineated with pencil and obliterated. A frequent complaint is that the stain on the makeup. One of the best solutions is it! What was smudged is chic! The eyes were finalized with mascara.

The blush was applied lightly, just to give it that “health air” (stained), but without an excessively. A light touch.

Finalization is the mouth, nude with matte lipstick with color of mouth almost imperceptible. A natural mouth. Remember the lipstick “Honey Love” of Mac.

And the hairstyle? Is that coke “podrinho” (a lot of people call it that), with unassuming air, without much elaboration. And you need something more? Chic and ready for any event!

  • Quick tips for this eye makeup smudges:

-Vanishing is the act of spreading the shade to give that effect that looks like the shadow “fogged” even with the sparse setting, diluted, with the marking “blur”.

-Who is starting can risk doing with his own fingers. Use your ring finger and spread the shadow subtly.

– The pencil kohl (Kohl pencil) can be a good option to give that effect “shit” with more ease.

-For blending the pencil, use the brush with brush beveled or espuminha and black shadow pass over the sketchy pencil.

-The market offers makeup palettes with basic colors (white, gray, black, brown). A basic option and excellent for that kind of makeup.

-At the end, the arch of the eyebrows (next) with shadow color sand, champagne or ice. This helps to brighten the look.

A makeup to leave anybody speechless! To rock! Diva!