Makeup for White Haired Woman

Secrets of makeup: makeup for those with white hair, the advice to avoid mistakes and feel beautiful at all ages and at any time of the day. What are the suitable colors for gray hair? What points of the face value? We discover together how to have a perfect makeup with white hair with style and class.

By a year the white hairs are no longer a taboo and mature women and young girls have white crowns without problems, indeed: much can dour, emphasize the total white hairstyle with, at most, adding silver shades to give movement to the hair. And if the girls with white hair have a consolidated trend on Instagram thanks to numerous selfie published daily with the hashtag #grannyhair, women who naturally are found to have “salt and pepper” hair and white for the physiological time, seem to want to accept with joy a new self-image, making it its own distinctive mark. But how to enhance the look with a perfect makeup for gray hair? Here’s some helpful advice!

Woman with white hair

Have your hair very clear doesn’t mean wearing a darker complexion of their own to try to rejuvenate your face or to create a contrast net enough, indeed, according to the make up artists the woman who has white hair should be light and prefer a clear complexion because freshness index, especially for women around 50-60 years. In cases of old age, in fact, your face will have a tendency to possess more discolorations and stains the skin and using a dark Foundation could only worsen and exalt the roughness on the face.

The advice from Elaineqho is to first use a concealer to lighten any discolorations and illuminate the face and then pass a fluid Foundation tone on tone. The spelling, if applied ad hoc in certain areas, such as under the cheeks or the cutting of the mouth, as well as creating some real points of light gives an illusion that can enhance and raise the cheekbones and lips.

To give a bit of colour, use of the land or the blush on the cheeks of a shade not too lit, thus avoiding intense Fuchsia, coral and bronze, matching it rather to your basic colors. Women with fair skin will use a blush in shades of pale pink, while those with darker skin will choose the shades fishing.

Eye makeup with white hair

Especially mature women should not weigh down the look with a very marked black makeup, mascara, eye shadows and dark pencils and avoiding too intense: forget the trick to the whole eyelid nuanced and intense colours. If you have the eyes, for example, better choose a dark blue pencil, Taupe or gray; If you have dark or green eyes, opt for a pencil Brown, bronze or green.

Very suitable, on the other hand, is an Eye makeup enlightening for those who has white hair, especially when applied in the eye socket. Yes the mascara if light and Yes to a gentle light eyeshadow passed only in the Crescent of the eyelid. Pay too much attention to eyebrow shaping, you have to try to keep just axe with small hatches that will increase by using a special pencil according to the complexion and hair color.

The eye make up for young women with white hair, on the other hand, can be a bit more pronounced, especially if you want to give great prominence to the penetrating glance playing with the contrast of white hair. Volumizing Mascara, black eyeliner and eye shadow to the entire eyelid are good especially on special occasions and for a sensual look.

Lip makeup with white hair

Those who wear the white hair should use a lipstick delicate and clear, that does not go to weigh down your lips scoring more wrinkles around the mouth. The advice is to draw the outline with a soft pencil in the shade of your lips and then wipe a lip gloss long lasting, so as to illuminate the mouth with a beautiful natural effect.

Alternatively you can also opt for a moisturizing lipstick nor too dull or too shiny pinkish or orange color, preferably as soon as lips. After 50 years it is best to avoid the colors too dark and lit because it would make her lips thinner and less meaty, preferring instead a make up natural nude look.

The dark lipsticks and vitamins, in contrast, are suitable for lip makeup girls with white hair because, given his young age, there are no problems to weigh down your mouth and highlight the skin wrinkled around the lips. For a perfect look make up both eyes though avoided the mouth so showy, choosing to highlight or look or lips.