Makeup Tips And Beauty Helpers

Here you can find makeup tips and beauty helpers make a perfect bridal styling you succeed!


To make a face look harmonious, there’s perfectly curved eyebrows arch. Affect the radiance of the eye and generally the entire face shape.How do you get perfect eyebrows?

1 you start out to brush the hairs with a spiral-shaped eye brow brush and then truncates the extra long hairs with a precise eyebrow scissors.Should both brows balanced are shaped and proportioned.

  1. Brush then the eyebrows down and soon it again.Important: Always be careful work.You should cut the hairs individually and above all not too short, so that the eyebrows are not thin at the end.
  1. then you comb back the brewing in their natural form, to then to pluck them.Orient yourself when plucked the natural progression of brewing, which is usually the top edge.As a result, that mainly the hairs below the brow will be removed. Directive for the perfect swing of brewing: two-thirds of ascending, a third descending.


Eye shadow alone is often not enough. So the eyes are really good, the whole lot must be prepared first.

For the look to appear fresh and later even professionals use a special base. A compensating eyeshadow primer can be neutralized the eye area and extends the durability of the eyeshadow. The eyeshadow Primer “Eye Primer” by makeup factory consists of a creamy, pleasantly light texture with pigment reflecting light and plant-based polymers. This brightens the eye area and makes them look smoother.About this primer, the eyes then as usual applied makeup.


The eyelash look makes the magic of a sensual look. Stars and models do it: lashes glued with real power hair or with peacock feathers and lace. In this country, there’s grabbing the most fantastic products stir Eyelash styling, such as with jewelry springs (see also in stores


Beautiful eyelashes and a sensual eyes can enchant your opponent. For long, dense and beautiful curved eyelashes there thank goodness many tools and tips:

Have always a cotton bud with make-up, so that you will immediately correct small mistakes.

Pay attention to the shape of your brush. For short eyelashes is a mascara brush with short bristles, while you can use a stronger brush quiet at normal Eyelash length.

You can reach a great upward momentum by you inking the upper Lashline only from above, then from below.

Remove mascara with special eye makeup products.

The brush never stripe on the container, this clump the mascara remains just on the edge.

Quick pumps in the tank causes only that air comes in the bottle, and dry out the mascara. It is absorbed little more color here. Never apply the lashes! You will thus only be oily and mascara will no longer holds.The durability of the mascara is limited with 3-6 months.

Prefer to use a cream mascara with nourishing ingredients instead of a waterproof mascara when brittle eyelashes.

The free-living mascara “Mascara fixing coat” by MakeupFactory also ensures durability. This transparent, fast drying gel wraps around the top lashes and protects them from tears or splashes of water. This prevents a smudge or seeping effect and water soluble mascara adheres much longer.

Note: Of course only the own real and not false eyelashes are drawn!

Great Lips-Always An Eye Catcher:

So you don’t have to forgo at your wedding an irresistible Kiss, here’s a little lip advice:

The lips are not rough and never get any small cracks–on the lips biting or chewing based on

If too many bathrooms the lips with your tongue you risk that they dry out, because there is an effect of evaporation on the lip surface by the water.

Protect the thin and delicate lip skin always from intense sun. Use with care products with high UV filter.

With a very soft toothbrush, massage the lips several times a week.Thus, you stimulate the blood circulation and can remove dead skin cells.

Lips go limp with the time and be contour-weak, because they lose their natural reserves of collagen with age. There are special skin care products that you can rebuild the collagen budget of your lips.

If you konturierst the lips with a lip liner, you prevent the color in the wrinkles of the mouth area to expire. Lip liner and lipstick should be farblch always coordinated.

Before you wear lipstick on a second location, blot lips with a cosmetic towel, increase durability.