Makeup Trend: Orange Lipstick Walkthrough

Want to put more color in your makeup, but do not have the courage to use the classic red lipstick? Then go to orange lipstick, a more lively variation and cheerful and strong tendency to make up both the winter and summer that comes in several different shades that match all skin types.

Certainly, the women tuned in fashion must have noticed that several celebrities were caught on the day and on the red carpet betting this new trend, especially during the last summer in the northern hemisphere, and this summer in Brazil.

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To play safe, give to some tips on how to use this lipstick color, harmonizing with the rest of your makeup.

Orange is a color of a lot of personality and cannot be so simple to use it, you need to plan and think all make assembly. If you believe you will not be able to use, a great option is to invest in a lighter shade, such as coral tones. Coral lipstick works well with all skin tones, plus works best for more brown and black.

Speaking of black women, for they almost all orange shades are released, using even the most drawn shades for the metal.

As for the lighter-skinned women can use without fear the most open and vibrant tones.


The strongest orange tones do not look good on dark women or are very tanned, in this case to invest in lighter versions like peach and coral, as we have spoken here.

Be with orange lipstick or even with the coral, the trick to getting a perfect makeup is to be discreet. Makeup in very charged eyes does not match such a vibrant color in the mouth. In the eyes ideally using shadows in more neutral and subtle colors not to over load the look. Use and abuse of the shadows in shades of brown.

But if you want to stay with well marked eyes and yet in harmony with orange lipstick, correct and bet on a smoky light black pencil (smoke eye) or a thin line of black eyeliner, ending it with brown pencil to the eye contour.

Another important tip, avoid carrying a lot in blush or use very reddish when with orange lips.
Finally, an annoying part of using lipsticks strong colors is the application as it is always difficult to use them without smudging. For a perfect application tip for the orange lipstick, and that goes for all the other strong colors is to make the contour lip pencil lipstick tone you choose and then apply lipstick on her lips. It will be much easier, not to mention the lipstick will last much longer.