Makeup with Lifting Effect

Times among us–the older we are, the more nagging points there in the mirror or when you see photos of herself, BB´s right? It can really spoil a mood-unless you know the right tricks to paint a couple of years.

Sure, everyone cheats when it comes to the look-all celebs & models! And because I like to share my favorite tricks for Flash great looks come here according to FLORALAMAKEUP.COM.

The Perfect Base

It starts with the primer. If the facial skin is pale, patchy and dry after getting up or before the important appointment, will help:

Applying the day cream and once that is indented, primer on the surface give a DAB. Painting work (which donates and conserved moisture in the skin and smoothes smoothes) with a damp sponge.Very important: forget not the approaches to the hair, ears and neckline. And just use no to dark tint, which makes that old. The ideal shade maximum is a shade darker than your own skin tone. At the moment, which is “Diorskin nude air serum Foundation” (30 ml) just my favorite, because it is as tender as a touch and the skin super subtly embellished.

Spotlight: MP4 Öne Eyes

Then, the eyes are on it. Taupe colored eyeshadow DAB very discreet when applying eye liner in the upper and lower edge of the eyelashes and the outer upper eyelid. Blur slightly inwards. This works best with your fingers or a soft brush. My Favoit is the “M.A.C. transformed small eyeshadow satin taupe”, because it can be so easy to apply and good holds.

Then comes the Jets trick: Ecru colored eyeshadow is painted on the entire movable lid – from the inner corner of the eye. I’m like the “M.A.C. matte 2 eyeshadow Blanc type”, because he has a say mother-of-Pearl shimmer, the wrinkles away hides and she still emphasized as the most shine eyeshadow.

Give even a mini pad under the eyebrows, this enlarges the eyes visually – and is never just a luxury, because 40 is elastic connective tissue and caused drooping eyelids, which reduce the eyes. But honestly, since we almost all sit in a boat and except for my mother-in-law who has real dolls lids with just fresh 90 years, I know no one who owes that only nature and the genes!

Mascara is a real must. Strip the brush before the best on a Kleenex, to prevent that clumping the color at the fine hairs. If this should be the case once, an eyelash brush works wonders. That away surpluses at lightning speed without mistakes (such as Eyelash brush of Artdeco)

It fills in the gaps either sparse eyebrows a particular eyebrow pencil.Here, you must stricheln quite carefully and discreetly so that the effect not as painted. And veeery important: the color must match with the own brow color, otherwise it acts slightly unnatural. The alternative: eyebrow powder. My favorite is the “brow powder palette” by pixi by petra, because it contains six shades and I meet even the shade of my bright hair perfectly so. Absorb the powder brush and blot dry before applying first on the surface not to much paint, thus caught. Smooth with a say brush over the eyebrows.

Concealer Instead Of Lifting

The professionals argue quite quickly to the question of whether you should apply concealer before a first coat or rather almost to the end.I think it depends on whether you are working with powder make-up – then the concealer should be applied first, so that he does not crumble. When liquid makeup, the order doesn’t matter. In any case it is ideal especially pronounced facial expression wrinkles on forehead, nose, and mouth to hide wrinkles -. My alltime favourite is the “Touche Éclat” by Yves Saint Laurent, because he is not red – or yellow-tagged.

Important: the color should match the own skin tone. In case of doubt rather brighter than too dark choose a nuance.

Lips To The K UE Ssen

Unfortunately the lip contour adopted more and more with age.Episode: pale lips, which seem narrower. Therefore, make-up professionals recommend: with a rosewood pencil (such as “Crayon of Lèvres No. 03 Nude Rose”) follow the contour and blur the color with the fingers towards the lip Centre. That prevents firstly that the outline is painted and secondly for visually fuller lips. Then add a little more gloss DAB – best rosewood color, because that seems especially (such as ‘ Isadora-lip gloss No. 613 Gala rose “, exclusively at Douglas).

Modeling With Rosewood Powder

Rosenholzfarbenem powder and Rouge you can trick that’s great.Best, I think that it gives the face more expression. Dust a swab on the tip of the Chin, temples and cheekbones. A makeup artist, specializing in more mature customers by the way even told me you should smile during application because you can get the best placed so the color. I don’t like 😉

And for those who are a little browned, I recommend terracotta powder instead of Rouge. That reinforced the Sonnengeküsst effect!

Promised: the result can be seen in any case. So discreetly melted start beautifully in the day or the evening-depending, what’s the makeover occasion. Have fun trying it out & love greetings from