Making Pigment for Eyeshadows

The pigments for the make up is present as free and colored powders. They are often contained in transparent jars, and there are really many colors. Their peculiarity consists in the fact of being of pure colors, which then can be mixed with other cosmetic to color and thus obtain each time a new cosmetic. Unlike powder eye shadows that instead are pigments with the addition of other substances, and that they have the function of better adhere the pigments and give them a softer touch.

The pigments are used for various applications on your face, but what interests us is the use for the eyes in the form of eye shadows to be applied on the eyelids.
To do so there are some small tricks to be respected.

Being pure colors, pigments, have difficulty to adhere perfectly to the eyelid so it must be prepared with a primer or a concealer or wetting a brush, so as to enable the powder to settle better. In this way, the color of the pigment will take on a much more intense and bright colors, making your look very glamorous and trendy.

The winter eye makeup proposed by ehuacom in New York has retained the urban and metropolitan version of the model Karlie Kloss, a game of nuances in color of the sea, with iridescent highlights and shine. Kristen Stewart instead to blue has added a touch of green for out the color of greenish eyes already. another way to give an original touch to your look is to recreate using pigment eyeshadow a shade that covers the entire upper eyelid up to the inner part, leaving bare the lower eyelid.

To create beautiful on the eyes of lighting, choose the lighter pigments, slightly pink, cream or peach-colored perfect when applied inside corner of the eye, under the eyebrows or in the middle of the eyelid.

Alternatively, very trendy for the coming season is the use of pigments in the form of eyeliner, you can just mix them and apply them in the right way with the help of a flat brush, angled, getting the color eyeliner you want. Or buying the eyeliner pen like those of Kiko.