Manufacturer Charts: Samsung Greets Already Third From Top, Huawei

Smartphone sales, the most successful companies now come from Asia. Only Apple stalwart second there is an exception.

As in the prior-year quarter, Samsung is according to the analysts at IDC uncatchable at the top, what’s the sales of smartphones. You even minimally above the results of Q3/2012 with 31.4% market share. With 81.2 million devices around the world set off in the past quarter you could increase again sales 40.5%.Particularly the flagship models Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy touch 3 rejoiced train horses for sales, but also the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still very popular.

iPhone 5 and 5C to secure second place

Second, Apple keeps still wacker. Although the proportion declined slightly from 14.4% to 13.1%, however it increased sales to 33.8 million units – in the same quarter last year, it had been 26.9 million (25.7% increase).

Analysts on the success of the newly published guide this Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C back, which could claim with fingerprint sensor here, and colorful artwork on the market.

Surprise third-party Huawei

Somewhat surprisingly, the third place goes to Huawei. The Chinese manufacturer, who has only worked for a few years in the international Smartphone business has can bring well its devices in particular in Asia among the people, but also in Europe and America (North & South) you could use over one million smartphones.

A total 12.5 million units were sold, what affects 4.8% market share. In Q3/2012 was 3.8% share. Huawei uses in its devices especially on a good price / performance ratio. The current flagships are the Huawei Ascend P2 and the only 6.18 mm thin Huawei Ascend P6.

Lenovo and LG close to top 3

No longer in the top 3, but only just behind Huawei, are Lenovo (12.3 million units, 4.7%) and LG (12 million devices, 4.6%. Same as for Huawei for Lenovo, smartphones of the Chinese company are in demand especially in Asia. LG is thanks to the “G” hungry G LG Optimus, LG Optimus G Pro and LG G2 this year strongly on the upswing.

Ramon Llamas of the IDC’s mobile phone research team said that two more Chinese companies just behind the top rank 5 CoolPad and ZTE . Also, he explains: “Apart from the fact that the sales figures are close together, they have all together a key element: Android.” It was a big success factor, but speaks well for the challenge to distinguish even the world’s most popular platform.”

Nokia sold still well feature phones

Total meant the third quarter 2013 a new record with worldwide sold 258,4 million smartphones and replaced the previous record holder – Q2/2013 (237 million). We count even feature phones such as the series of ASHA, the worldwide mobile phone sales reached 467,9 million.

Overall mobile phone sales, Samsung is by the way also top with 115.4 million sales (24.7%), behind Nokia (64.6 million, 13.8%) ranked Apple (33.8 million, 7.2%), LG (16.8 million, 3.6%), and Huawei (14.6 million, 3.1%).

New China power

No question has come’s in a sense in recent years to a changing of the guard, what concerns the Samsung and Apple competitors. Had initially Nokia and previously also BlackBerry still part mixed with the once established companies have to make new companies from far East square. Their recipe for success is simple: good technique at knockdown prices, and this well is to customers outside Asia.