Manufacturers Shall Comply with The Performance of The Notifications of Android Nougat

Google has updated its document’s definition of compatibility (Compatibility Definition Document) in which is clearly specified what should and what should not do manufacturers to achieve compatible with Android, in this case, Android 7.1 certification. This document includes specific sections as functions that need a device (for example, a mobile phone must have touchscreen and microphone) to more specific paragraphs above up to what point can modify the operation of the system Android.

This latest update of the compatibility document does not include too many news of what you already knew, except for exercising a greater control over the Android notifications. So a mobile device is certified as compatible with Android 7.1 need supports the function of Update, delete, respond, and group notifications.

Unification in notifications

One of Android Nougat 7.0 changes lies precisely in the notifications, which includes a new Quick Settings toolbar, The grouped notifications, the new settings for notifications and, of course, the quick response. Google now does not want that it happens with these new features the same with other news of Android in the past: that shift manufacturer not pass them creating their own version.

Android notifications are one of the most important sections of the operating system so it is common that each developer tries to give some twist to give it some added value or stand out from the rest, and Google wants to set limits so don’t miss the user experience introduced into Nougat. Specifically, the document establishes the following rules for mobile devices:

  • They must bear the function of Update, delete, answer and grouping notifications as described in this section.
  • They must be able to control notifications directly from the notification window.
  • They should be able to open the control panel directly from the notifications panel.
  • They must be able to block, silence and reset preference notifications to an application, both from own notification settings.

This does not necessarily mean that here that we have Nougat in the majority of devices (that will take theirs) all panels notification of all Android phones will be identical, but it, within which everyone wants to develop, must to do the above. From there, each manufacturer is free to add what you want (but not remove).