Marc Jacobs Protest in His “Dark” Collection Spring Summer

Of all the parades that have been to the “other side of the pond”, during the New York Fashion Week, I was surprised of the simpar Marc Jacobs. In a night procession, set in a dark Park of Gotham City, put the finishing touch with a series of creations most of the harsh winter, that’s a cheerful and fresh spring.

Black, Garnet and blue oil closed necks, jackets and boots average joined tulled and gauze for a collection with a dot grunge and somewhat Gothic, that thought more than finished and trend that seems to rise like the Phoenix, albeit a somewhat hackneyed phrase, in a collection of protest, according to the own Jacobs

Decadent Victorian Aires, heroines with heavy brocades, opulent jackets and bags, moccasins and embroidered sandals, with excess of sequins, appliqued braid, braided and decorated with tassels beyond moderation, and own Jacobs He said in jest that there is a House of prostitutes in all France (I’m afraid that it used a more vulgar Word, which obviously I won’t play) where you can find so many ornaments for a cushion .

We have good clear the protest, that said, because you cannot smoke in the Park, or let the detritus of their dogs or to these loose on the grass, and what you like to the public it is new and modern. So Marc Jacobs claims it spent and decadent.

As my friend Jorge Sneak Peack, let’s get the dot to this collection as “indignant”, but left us alone with the fabrics separately, because so much beading all over and so many trimmings and and fringed reminds me of when girls have to stick all the things which are unordered or concert in the workshops for children.

And of course, in the face of other stations, because Marc Jacobs has been anchored in winter colors in his “dark” collection spring summer 2014.