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I wish I had his debut as a columnist here on the blog talking about pregnancy. Seemed to make more sense to start from the beginning, you know? I even sketching something, but I was looking so common sense that we ended up giving up. The fact is, these days, was looking for a research on the use of Lactobacilli to colic in newborn (in fact, super cool and still come to share this with you) and appeared a Canadian article that evaluated the quality of the information provided in the country’s most popular blogs about the management of nausea in pregnancy. I found interesting the conclusion that not all brought clear information and according to the most recent recommendations, so I decided to risk it and bringing this to you. Hope you like it!

Why do women Marian?
Is super common, more than half of pregnant women sicken and this symptom can disrupt the appetite, change the routine and impact on quality of life. In most cases, tends to disappear around the twelfth week, although some women may nausear and vomit until the end. If the vomiting in the way the State of hydration and if nausea way significantly food intake throughout the day, it is important to report the obstetrician as soon as possible. The hyperemesis Gravidarum should be monitored closely according to MBAKECHENG.COM.
And the cause of the dizziness, it is not clear, but is linked to hormonal changes and all the changes that happen in the body of the woman during pregnancy.

How to feed to relieve symptoms?
The first rule is to eat little volume, several times a day. Try not to skip any meal and organize themselves to take snacks. Always point out cool lunch bag for my pregnant patients and that the built-in is my favorite.

What to eat?
Motion sickness tends to be worse in the morning. To the lift, do it slowly and always keep at the head a few crackers and very dry. I like to recommend the magic toast or pita toast or a bit of toast.
Cold sandwiches and cold dishes are always better options, given that the tolerance for hot food tends to be smaller. Acidic foods also help.
Fatty foods, in General, have slower digestion. Try to avoid.
Another tip is to try to understand the signs of the body and eat what appears to fall well.
Always have on hand (at home or in the lunch box):
1-yogurt with cereal
2-cut Melon
3-cut Pineapple with lime zest
4-Ginger to add small amounts at meals or dry ginger for snacks.
5-Crackers, toast, toast, magic pita bread Swedish
7-dried fruit
8-Babybels polenguinho type or baby bell
9-simple, dry Cake
10-Breakfast Cereal
11-Popcorn (made at home, in the Pan and with a little oil)

How to hydrate?
Even with motion sickness, we cannot neglect the hydration. It can be difficult to take a big bowls of water, but it will be easier to take small SIPs throughout the day during or just after meals, it’s good to prevent large amounts of water. Lemon slices or mint leaves in the cup can help.

Always have on hand (at home or in the lunch box):

1-bottle of water (water with gas can be a good option)
2-ice Cubes with the juice your preference or coconut water (to suck)
3-fresh coconut water (you can buy fresh and freeze individual portions)
4-Lemon to squeeze and mix in the water
Following are some recipes for pregnant women:

Pumpkin Soup with Ginger (warm, not too hot)
750 ml of broth
750 g of pumpkin in cubes
1 c. grated ginger dessert
Salt to taste
Cook the pumpkin in broth for about 20 minutes, until it is tender. To let them cool completely, run the mixer or in a blender. Add the grated ginger and serve.

Popcorn with ginger
1 cup of coffee of corn popcorn
1 c. oil
1 pinch of salt
1 c. powdered ginger coffee
In the Pan, pour in the oil, I add the salt and add the corn. Cover and light the fire. Go stirring constantly and turn off the pot when the interval between bursts was greater than 2 seconds. Once ready, pour in a bowl and sprinkle the ginger

Chicken with ginger:
1 skinless chicken breast with bone, cut into 6
3 Purple Onions cut into 4 pieces
4 apples cut into 4 pieces (without cable)
3 cloves garlic
1 piece of ginger, grated
1 orange juice
vinegar, salt and pepper.

Season the chicken with vinegar, salt, garlic. Marinate a bit. Then, in a way, refractory arrange the chicken pieces, interspersed with pieces of Apple, onion and garlic. Everything should be fine together. Place the grated ginger and sprinkle with the juice of 1 orange. Add a pinch of salt. Bake preheated to 180-200 c, for about 50 minutes.

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