Market Share of IE6 and Windows XP Back up

Who found that Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 were already virtually dead and buried, you can start to pull the rage of hair now. As zombies coming out of their graves to attack the living beings, the two managed to miraculously increase their market share in January a few percentage points, according to the statistics firm NetMarketShare.

Compared to the previous month, Windows XP grew 0.67 percentage points and now has 47.19% share of the world market. Internet Explorer 6 is now used by 8.38% of people in the world, an increase of 0.72 percentage points compared to December.

Because Internet Explorer 6 is only supported on Windows XP, ArsTechnica says that the growth of a triggered the growth of another, which makes sense.

The share of Chrome, Safari and Firefox dropped a few points, though the most notable change has been even Firefox, which lost 0.95% in share. In the area of mobile browsers, Safari still dominates, following the Opera and Android. The post on Arstechnica has several detailed charts of each situation, for those who favor.

But what is the reason for this growth Winodws XP and IE 6 is something that is still shrouded in mystery. Perhaps a formatting massive computers that happens whenever the most technologically capable nephews will spend Christmas with the family? It’s the best shot I have. Accept new theories in the comments.