Martial Arts and Health

Since ago thousands of years are practicing martial arts as set of warrior techniques. One of his reasons to be have been multiple war conflicts that have been taking place throughout history. On the other hand the essence of these went beyond the military character and was used as a Guide of the body and the mind toward the improvement of one’s self, in search of the last realization, or State of nirvana.

Martial Arts and Health

Today there are many streams associated with them and the majority with a sports focus. The problem are oriented as a sport is that essence which we spoke of before we can lose sight. Sport as such has an objective of competition in which the aim is to win to another through strategy subject to established rules. Martial arts are born a warrior needs in which winning or losing was translated into live or die, so we cannot think about the rules of a sport in competitive order involving the same since we’re talking about ultimately a game.

There is a direct relationship between martial arts and health, as andyoutdoor indicates Not talking about physical health only, but also of mental health.

Physically, we find a system of full year since we will work the cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and flexibility as well as coordination, balance and other basic motor skills development for the improvement of the quality of life in adults or children. Recall that the sedentary lifestyle is one of the main problems nowadays and curb through the movement is not so difficult. This was already known in antiquity and this martial arts practiced regularly.

Currently and in general, do not occur the same warfare which existed in ancient times, but if given another type of conflict. Problems of self-esteem, insecurity, fear, depression or anxiety that ultimately are emotional problems which we are exposed to everyone at some point. On the other hand we have a continuous bombardment of external stimuli that tell us how we should be happy through marketing and persuasion of media, advertising campaigns or policy.

This is our current war. One in which we must fight to keep our criteria, free of negative influences that can make us believe that the peace with our conscience we’ll get through something or someone that we ourselves are not. In short it is a constant war against our ego.

Martial arts through basic principles such as the honesty, courtesy, wisdom, perseverance, humanity, justice, wisdom, truth, goodness, virtue, courage and self-control provide us with a basic guide to confront the society without any fear and give us the essential tool to keep at Bay to our worst enemy , that we ourselves are.

Many of the known diseases have a psychosomatic component very high. I do not mean that all diseases are in the mind of the individual, but what is certain is that our mental state may predispose to our body for or against them. Through self-restraint we can try to find a psychological balance which helps to maintain optimal mental health that lead to a healthy physical condition. It is the relationship of balance between body and mind tend to martial arts and from the point of view of health is fundamental.

At the end we find problems in life that many times we do not know how to deal with and it is precisely through self-control, keep calm, put up without losing the nerves, what is going to make us see things clearly and the conflict regardless of its magnitude. Thanks to this we can always maintain a State of emotional tranquility or an emotional optimal State combating a pathology.

A Duke University study compares the treatment of depression through exercise and a modern and very effective antidepressant drug called Zoloft (in Spain is marketed as Besitran and Aremis). As well, after 4 months of treatment, the two groups of patients were exactly as well. There was no benefit from the drug against the practice of exercise nor the exercise against the medicine. It was within a year when the big difference was given. More than one-third of the medicated patients had suffered a relapse while 92% of the patients in the exercise remained perfectly well and the truth is that they themselves decided to keep practicing exercise after the end of the study.

The conclusion is that exercise has a direct influence on health, and in this case, using martial arts can work the health from different sides since on the one hand we have exercise and on the other hand seek the peace of mind.

All this will always depend directly on hands in which we fall, i.e., of the teacher we have. There are no bad martial arts but there are bad teachers. Throughout my career in the world of the being I have encountered all kinds of instructors of fight, but for years that I am lucky to have discovered the essence of a martial art thanks to my two teachers that teach me every day to the path of the Warrior is not violence , but the getting to know oneself by subjecting the body and mind training and effort. The result is not only being my improvement as a fighter, but my promotion as a person.

Martial arts are the Guide to treat problems that we believe that we need to solve from the outside from within. They are the element that binds the body, mind and spirit into a single entity to build us a character of warrior that keep us upright against the blows that life can give us.