Maternity bag What to take?

With the expected delivery date, it’s time to prepare everything you have to take to the maternity ward.

Maternity bag What to take?

Being a time of great anxiety, the preparations are an important part in the emotional management of the expectant mother.

In addition to being necessary, this preparation also helps the pregnant woman to have an active and calm mind.

In this article you can know what should carry the maternity bag for both the pregnant and the baby.

Maternity Pouch – What to Bring?

Although there is a scheduled delivery date, birth does not always occur on that day.

Therefore, it is advisable that the maternity bag is ready when you are 36 weeks pregnant, as from this date birth can occur at any time.

In addition, the preparation of the bag is no longer a reason for stress in case of going into labor.

Then you can know the list of items that the maternity bag should contain.

Mother’s handbag

– personal documents;
– last examinations performed during pregnancy;
– 5 briefs: they should be large and comfortable, since you will have to use them with large absorbents. Preferably, use them at least once during pregnancy to make sure they are comfortable. You may also prefer disposable briefs, in which case you should take 15;
– 3 pajamas: should have opening ahead to more easily breastfeed the baby;
– breastfeeding bra;
– robe;
– Slippers;
– Socks;
Absorbent pads for the breasts;
– protective nipple cream;
– sanitary napkins: vaginal bleeding after birth, whether natural or by cesarean section, is common;
– personal hygiene products: shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap, toothbrush, paste, face moisturizer and brush;
– magazines or books to read;
– loaded camera;
– Comfortable clothes for the day that leave the maternity.

Baby’s Handbag

– 6 overalls;
– 6 bodys;
– 6 panties with foot;
– a cotton blanket;
– two cardigans of wool;
– two dummies with different sizes;
– 6 diapers of fabric;
– 3 pairs of socks or fabric shoes;
– a cap;
– 2 bath towels;
– disposable diapers: if the maternity leave, do not need to take. If it is not available, it must take 4 for each day there (between 12 to 16).