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With regard to national holidays, I prepared a special fashion with the best Mexican brands and stores in extra sizes: D

A few years ago, the Plus Size sections of the stores seemed to come out of your worst nightmare. Indeed, the clothes were HORRIBLE, and so clean, that they might well have left the wardrobe of Paquita la Barrio. Over time, the brands understood that being an extra size does not necessarily mean dressing like an 80 year old lady. Women with curves and extra kilosalso want to dress in fashion , fresh and youthful.

It is incredible that brands in Mexico , being that we are the second largest adult obesity in the world, have cost so much work and have taken so long to enter the plus size market. But hey, hallelujah, we made it! And more and more shops, brands and designers with batteries are well placed to offer girls curvy clothes incredible, in size and good price .

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the national month, I wanted to bring you a special with Mexican brands and stores that are working to make fashion in extra size , and 100% Mexican.


About two months ago came the Happy Curves fan page an inbox of a girl named Carol in which she presented me her brand new clothing line called Lucefina . When I clicked on the link that she sent me, appeared pre-CIO-SOS dresses , full of color and also very well thought out to make women’s curves appear, both formal and semi formal occasions.

Les platico: it turns out that Carol is from Quintana Roo, and although she does not have a physical store, she started this project with internet sales. On your page you can see the catalog of the dresses, as well as the sizes available and their prices.

Specialty: formal and semi formal dresses. It is VERY worth going for a walk around the place because sometimes it is not so easy to find cute dresses and in extra size for special occasions.

Where to find them?


To them I had the opportunity to meet them one day that was going out of shopping, and I ran into one of their stores . It turns out that it is a 100% Mexican company , born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, which has also bet on women with curves for 13 years. Little by little they have grown to have 27 stores around the Mexican Republic.

Specialty: they actually have everything from jeans and casual clothes , to evening dresses, bathing suits, lingerie , etc. In fact, in addition to the fact that the clothes are pretty and affordable ($), another one of its strengths is that they have a LOT of variety and you find garments that sometimes are not as easy to find as swimwear and underwear, for example.

Where to find them? Facebook María Ferré .


I already wrote about this store on the blog , but if you did not have an opportunity to read the entry, you can do it here -> ‘ Youclothing: a choice of clothing in extra size ‘.

This is the proposal of a curvy girl named Yunuen who, like many of us, did not find clothes that were nice and in her size, so she decided to open her own store, and really the clothes she has is INCREDIBLE.

Specialty: here is also a bit of everything , but we can say that casual clothing is the specialty of the house: jeans, skirts , short dresses , jewelry, leggings, although we can also find more formal looks. Of course, everything is BEAUTIFUL.

Where to find them? On Facebook as You Clothing .

Well, I’m sure there are many more Mexican brands , however those are the ones I know, I’ve tried and I can recommend. So if you know more stores that deserve to be here, let me know in the comments or through social networks:

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