Microsoft Admits Plagiarism in MSN Juku

A day after taking your MSN Juku air by accusations of plagiarism to Microsoft acknowledged that parts of your site code were “borrowed” from obscure Plurk, service microblog based in Canada who made ​​the charges against former company Bill Gates .

Released last November the Juku was a competitor for Twitter that an hour was available only on Chinese soil. According to MS, a third party has been contracted to develop the system, while the Plurk claims that “80% of your code was simply stolen.”

On the occasion of the launch of the Canadian startup service had declared “shocked and outraged” by the excessive similarities between the two sites, saying the Chinese Microsoft had “shamelessly copied their system.” “At a closer look we find that much of your source code and data structure were identical copies of our own code.” Completed the small business.

In an official statement reproduced by the British BBC, Microsoft says it is “obviously very disappointed, but takes responsibility for this situation.” “We are a company that respects intellectual property and it was never our intention to have a site that was not respectful of the work of others in our industry,” says the text.

The question is how much these comforting words will yield the courts.


Microsoft accused of plagiarism

Microsoft accused of plagiarism