Microsoft Goes After Google Apps in New Video

A relentless series of attacks that Microsoft has made ​​against Google seems to be far from over. After publishing an ad in a newspaper, free videos on your YouTube account, the manufacturer’s Windows has posted a new video attacking another service. This time the target is Google Apps, a Google web application suite that allows organizations and companies take advantage of services like Google Docs, Gmail and others, customized for your domain.

The attack gained to a name: Googlighting. This term would serve to define, says Microsoft itself, “when the largest company selling ads in the world trying to sell productivity software”. Watch the video below to understand about that term.

(Video on YouTube)

At that point, a lot of people probably want to talk to Microsoft is “How about devoting half the time it takes you making these videos in the development of their products?”. Or even use the name of your newly created blog with a point more, to ask: Why, Microsoft?

In time, this time it does not seem that the video had the expected impact: almost 5000 “dislikes” to 2,000 “likes” (to date of publication of this post) seems to indicate that the video is not doing (or go to) much success.

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