Military Flashlight: How To Buy It Cheaply

For some time now, I’ve been seeing an advertisement for a famous “military flashlight that is about to be banned in Spain” while surfing the internet.

And it should not be just me, because a couple of friends have already told me if I had seen the famous flashlight, telling me that at least in the advertisement, it seems a past.

This famous flashlight, promoted under the name of Lumify Tactical X9, seems to have become quite well known and not only in Spain, also in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina… So of course, the team has investigated if it really is so good. Do you want to know what we have discovered? Keep reading.

What Characteristics Does It Promise To Have?

Obviously, what is most striking is the great power that can have this flashlight that we can find also on pages like Amazon or eBay. The promised features are as follows:

Great lighting power: thanks to its XML-T6 LED that has a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. The convex inclination of the interior of the flashlight offers a better efficiency of the light source.

Retractable flashlight: you can rotate the head to slightly change the crosshair and illuminate at a greater distance. In other words, zoom function.

5 light modes: High/Medium/Low/Straboscopic/SOS to meet demand at different times.

Power: using a 18650 battery (included) or three AAA batteries (not included).

Easy to catch: it has a small size. It is also made of aluminum, anti-abrasive and water-resistant.

And all this for an approximate price of 30 € (although in some ads release things like “in the US is worth 400 $”). Surely many think it’s very cheap, right? Well as always we can find it even cheaper, rather at a ridiculous price compared to the one we have mentioned, do you want to know how to buy it for four hard?

Find The Famous “Military Flashlight”

Finding the famous Lumify Tactical military flashlight on has been more than simple, you just have to access this search to verify that there are many flashlights with the same characteristics and identical to the Lumify Tactical, but much cheaper.

Therefore, although this flashlight sold under the name of Lumify Tactical may just be a Chinese lantern with a different name and a great marketing campaign, if you look at the comments from the buyers who bought it (and Of which you can rely totally since they are 100% real, not like other pages that announce this flashlight), we can verify that it really is a flashlight with very good benefits. The average price of this flashlight is about 5 € and also has the advantage that shipping is free or very low and whether you are from Mexico, Spain, Colombia …

But This Flashlight, Has The Same Features As The Famous Lumify?

We will take as reference the most sold of them all, the Alonefire E17 , with more than 26,000 sales and a score of 4.9 out of 5. As you will see, in the comments all buyers agree that it is a great flashlight, and you can See a review of this flashlight here:

If you look closely, they are exactly the same characteristics as the famous Lumline Tactical military flashlight but at one-sixth of its price. It is a flashlight ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, hiking, hunting, fishing, or just for some emergency in which we need a powerful flashlight, and for just over 5 euros.

How To Find Other Cheap Flashlights

Obviously, this flashlight is just one of the many you can find. In fact, this Chinese online selling platform is a great choice if we are looking for flashlights. If you want to know more models I recommend our guide of cheap flashlights (in fact we already speak of this flashlight in it). Here you will find how to find cheap and high quality flashlights.

In addition, this is not the only flashlight with great power that you can find, if you want to find similar ones you just have to access this search. All have the famous XM-L 6 led, which today is one of the most powerful. The most sold is this one that we have just taught you, but you will also find other models.

Finally, if you are new to buying  remember that in our blog you have a section with tutorials to learn how to buy safely. Among them, I recommend our updated definitive guide, where you can learn more about this Chinese online shopping platform, or our guide to find reliable sellers, where we teach you to detect the best sellers of this website.

And you? Had you heard anything about this famous flashlight? We would love to hear your opinion, you can leave a comment here below explaining your experience.