Mineral Makeup, What It Is and How to Apply

The mineral makeup takes more and more eco-friendly makeup and is increasingly in demand. We see in detail what is mineral makeup and how to apply.

Mineral makeup is a product that is increasingly in demand by all women pay attention to their skin and aware of the risks that can run using products that are too heavy, rich in metals and Silicon.

Usually, mineral makeup is not tested on animals, which makes it even more valuable. The price of the mineral makeup does not differ greatly from that which is applied to products of the big brands, why choose this make up is definitely an advantage. Often, however, those who come into contact for the first time with this special type of cosmetic remains puzzled and doesn’t know where to start.

Following the fashion trends for the makeup 2014, let’s figure out How to apply the best mineral makeup, techniques to obtain the maximum performance and not to waste these cosmetics so innovative and versatile. Remains crucial daily skin care and cleaning of the face and neck, maybe using DIY products but effective and safe, to prepare at home.

Apply mineral Foundation

The most simple and practical application involves the use of kabuki brush, a brush softer and more dense than the usual brushes used to apply blush and Foundation. Picked up a small amount of powder with brush, avoiding “soak it” completely into the background and capture jar so too product. Shake the brush to remove excess powder and apply on the face. If you want a more substantial coverage, repeat the process. If you’re accustomed to fluid Foundation, you can mix the powder thoroughly with your usual moisturizer and then spread all over with your fingertips. Even the Spelling can be mixed with cream and then applied to the eyes or blemishes disappear, like a pimple flushed. The spelling may also be applied with a cotton swab, taking a little dusty and patting the areas to be covered.

Apply the eye shadow

You can use it like regular shadows, then apply it with a brush, or make fluid the eye shadow mixing the powder with a little water. This system also will allow you to get a perfect eye liner, to be applied with a very fine-tipped brush.