Mini Iphone: Apple Brings a Cheap Smartphone In June?

Update (February 12, 2013): new rumors
Analyst brian white of the stockbroker topeka capital markets confirmed in a memo to his clients the rumors about the development of an iphone mini. As apple insider reported, white expects the introduction of smaller and cheaper iphones in june at the earliest. The analyst believes in apple’s new registration with a new type of iphone, because the company can hold only so in competitive growth markets. In countries such as brazil, russia, india and china are cheaper android phones more popular than the expensive apple devices.

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Plastic rather than aluminum

White believes that the new iphone will either bear the name air or mini and get a plastic bag instead of the usual boarding aluminum. To reduce more cost, less expensive units for display, storage, wireless module, camera and processor are conceivable. Also, an iphone plastic in colors other than black and white could come out. White’s is that the price of the iphone with 16 gigabytes of memory and mini without SIM-lock could be at 250 to 300 US$ (185 to 225 euros).

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First rumors already 2011

Already in february 2011, there were rumors about a smaller iphone. At that time, they originated from the bloomberg news service. Therefore iphone should mini about a third less than the normal iphone and in the united states cost$ 200 without a phone contract, as bloomberg reported. It should be more cost-effective because components of older iphones are used with him, instead of newer high performance components, which would come in the next generation of the main model. However, also the source of the financial agency admitted at the time that apple often test prototypes which never come on the market. 2009 there had been speculation about a cheaper phone from apple, at that time, it was referred to as iphone nano never.

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Strategy change at apple?

A cheaper iphone would be a change in strategy for apple. So far tried the companies with expensive equipment to make high profits, even if the market share thus remains limited. Apple notes but the pressure of the google android operating system. The widespread use of the system is also because there are many cheaper models from different manufacturers. The ipad apple gave the market and end 2012, contrary to the previous strategy brought out a smaller and cheaper version of its popular tablet pcs: The ipad mini.