Minister of Education Wants to Turn Enem in an Online Test

Appointed Minister of Education on the last day 2, Cid Gomes plans to bring the examination National Secondary Education for the twenty – first century. In an interview to Folha, the minister said he plans to make a fully Enem online test with various issues and more days of application.

It would work as follows: over a period of days in the year, the student would move to an approved location (Federal Universities and public education institutions) and, using a local computer, do the test. This test would be unique for each student, as the questions would be chosen from a database of thousands of them.

To enter a higher education institution, it would determine what kind of evidence the student needs to do is to focus on the exact, human or specific areas. The student can also make as many editions of the exam you want, thanks to the extended period of days when the Enem could be done.

The database, incidentally, would be public and would have thousands of questions from all areas. As the questions are chosen at random, it would make sense for a student to memorize all the questions, which ensures a good result for those who have studied. The obstacles to the implementation of this project are many: You must create this database issues that still does not exist and, perhaps most importantly, ensure the safety and reliability of the network where students will take the test.

In addition to transforming the Enem in an online test, Cid Gomes also wants to expand the number of times the test is applied in the year. A project of the federal government for this purpose had already been proposed in the past but never happened. The change Enem does not have time to be done, but Gomes says he plans to run it while serving as minister.

If you can, Cid Gomes will make a much needed upgrade in our public education system. And it also solve the problem of students late for the test while saving thousands of trees that would turn the thick notebooks exam – currently about 6 million Brazilian students do Enem every year is too much paper.