Mobile Phone Covers and Covers: Solutions for All Wallets

The covers and the screen protectors help to prolong the life of the mobile phone, but none guarantees 100% safety in case of shock or fall.  The covers cost from 3 to 90 euros and the protections start at 99 cents and can reach 30 euros.


Among the most frequent hazards in  mobile phones and tablets  are  screen breaks  and other malfunctions after a fall. Screen repair  can exceed 100 euros. The cost depends on the type of smart phone and the option or not for original parts.
To avoid further damage and expenses, there are several types of  covers and protections , some for less than 10 euros. They are effective, but not infallible. They do not override extreme caution when handling a delicate and expensive device, such as a smart phone. Avoid, for example, carrying it in the back pocket of your pants. You can also break yourself when you sit down. And be careful if you put it on your lap, in the restaurant, for example. In the case of distraction, when getting up, it can slip and break. Selfie sticks pose a new threat. Make sure your phone is properly installed before taking the year picture.

There are tougher mobile phones

The 20 best mobile phones in our comparator offer good resistance to shock and scratches. We highlight the excellent ranking of Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S7, Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and Galaxy Alpha. They should be treated with care and protected with a cover. None is totally foolproof in case of shock or fall.
Our test reveals the best mobile phones at the lowest price. See our selection for all diagonals (from the smallest, from 3.5 to 4.5 inches, to phablets over 5.5 inches).

The best cap

It is essential to buy a cover and always use it: it is the  only way to protect your smartphone or tablet in case of shock or fall.
Often, the choice is driven by the aesthetic factor. The protection depends mainly on the quality of the materials: silicone and leather  are among the most resistant. The covers that cover all the equipment, bags or models with cover, avoid scratches or scratches that detract from the appearance, taking the phone to look older than it actually is.

The covers protect the phone  in case of shock or fall, but do not forget to also save the screen. To help, there are the  tempered glass protections. In tests, we find that they do not affect the sharpness of the screen, nor the readability of texts. They also do not detract from the touch sensitivity: this function continues to work.
There are even  plastic films  to protect the screen, much cheaper. However, they only protect against scratches and yet are less effective than tempered glass. Regardless of the type of protection, when they present risks, you can change them to see the screen again clearly. Before applying, carefully wipe the screen, removing dust and dirt to prevent blistering. Some are sold with a special adhesive to make the task easier.
In stores with this kind of accessories, you can often ask to place the film or glass: the end result is better.Sometimes this service is also paid for.