Mocassins and Loafers Become the Fashionista’s Favorite!

Often replacing sneakers and other more basic shoes, Mocassins and Loafers  have appeared in great mass during 2013.    The trend makes men and women comfortable with their use because they are practical and comfortable, but different from the conventional ones, since they are not all that in the Time to think about choosing a casual look, remember to wear loafers.

What many people wonder about is the difference between them, since when we look for them, some sellers show moccasins and loafers, and get confused when explaining their difference.

In fact, there is not a very big difference, even because the moccasin shoe comes from the same loafer model, but refurbished, more basic and with another name.

For years, celebrities and trend setters have shown countless ways to use the models in question, but this year the consumer public of international brands have bought shoes like these frequently, increasing demand.

Further strengthening the trend of moccasins and loafers for everyday life, both men and women, bet on combinations with belts, handbags and other accessories, as well as inspired pieces, which have become the great MUST of 2013.

So be it with skirts, pants, shorts or dresses, what’s worth is to abuse! For all that, they are incredible shoes, and bring style to any look!

And you, have already adapted to the”new”shoes?!

Kisses, Renan Furlan.