Muambator: an Easy Way to Track Their Orders on the Web

For those who shop online, a part of the process will involve the delivery of the expected package by mail. And usually this package is linked to a tracking number that is sent to those who will receive it.

The problem, at least for the laziest, is that you need to check the number on the Post Office website constantly to find out if something happened to the order. There is no solution provided by the company that sends you notifications Sporadic every status change.

That’s where the Muambator. Created by Cicero Rolim, Master in Applied Computing, the comic name and site mascot hide behind them a rather interesting service. It serves to send messages with updates on orders directly by email, DM on Twitter or RSS feed. Follow along to see a step-by-step how to use it.

1. Register on the site and choose how to be notified (via email or DM on Twitter). By placing your user on Twitter, you will automatically be followed by @muambator. The reason is revealed in the next step.

  1. Enter your tracking code. This can be done through the side column of the site itself or by sending the code to the @muambator through DM. Insert some tags can help differentiate each packet of others.

By sending the code, they should appear in My Packages. Every status change, you can be notified by e-mail, RSS or by DM on Twitter. For the latter work, you must follow the @muambator service.

  1. An option for those who do not want to be bothered with messages is to access the individual page of the package, which is also kept updated. Each status change is shown in chronological order and with the information of what happened to the package next. This also happens in the upgrade option via RSS feed, where you can choose a feed with all packages or just feed individual packages.
  2. With the registered packages, you can rest assured. With each change, a warning will come to you, either by what means was chosen.

One last observation: according to Cicero, the service only makes tracking national packages for now (which includes all types of Sedex, standard and custom pouch). But he told me by email that is already working on the implementation of the international tracing. For a service in a state beta until the Muambator is quite useful.

Tip Web based on information sent by the reader Otavio Souza (@otaviofsousa). Thanks, Octavius!