Multi-Layered Blouse and Embroidered Jeans-Season-Opening

At Konen in Munich, a real Munich traditional house was at the end of August… (uff-is already so long ago…) the opening of the autumn, winter season. 

So clearly, the season has opened completely by itself, simply by the weather was stupid. Contrary to the wonderful summer graves that we had in the last August days.Very summery there were really many people and also a few Munich celebrities. Unfortunately, since I have Instagram, I no longer recognize any of the celebrities. Yes, there is a connection. There are now a few impressions of the event and the outfit that I had worn there with my new light blue blouse (their exact name: multi-layered blouse with drawstring is-WHAT?), Which will probably never come up this year.

I am not responsible for buying the blouse – yes, already again. I even managed to hang the blouse 15 minutes before I tried it. I find that remarkable and if Cla had not been there, I would certainly not have changed my mind. Oh nonsense-I would not have been close to the shop, there it goes already times. But if Cla is in Munich, a stroll through the city is simply unavoidable. That this reduced flowering, of which Cla stiff and firmly asserted, that my name would stand on it, hanged us over the way… Hmmm… Well, who is in danger and so on and so forth. Where, indeed, only my purse has been in danger, this daring piece. Can you follow me? I am already out… O 🙂

A VIP Event And I In The Middle

So back to topic-otherwise the entire structure is going to flute.And it was summer-when we got together to attend the cones of his season opening. Invited me Irina of Fashionambit. A really great lady, whose blog I have learned about Instagram and which I have met in spring. Irina, along with Julia, was an official part of the program and I was delighted to meet both. The autumn-winter theme at the Konen is the Longing Mountains and was officially launched with the VIP event. VIP-clear or that I should not be missing. Hehe…

Shopping Paradise

The two campaign models Susi and Strolch… were also there. And in any case they are not their names, but I forgot the right ones and wanted to make sure that Strolch really liked me. But I had always my own stroll with me… ;-). All the details about the event and who Susi and Strolch really have been can be found on the site of the Konen. It goes without saying that the whole shop window world of the house is tuned to the motto Sehnsucht mountains and these wonderful windows alone are already worth a visit. But it is not just for this reason that you should pay a visit to the shopping paradise in Sendlinger Straße. Konen has in addition to many great labels, a brilliantly sorted and new accessory department on the ground floor and I bought my Gabriele Frantzen bracelets there.

Multi-Layered Associations

So, now finally the most important-the VIP of the evening-multi-layer blouse with drawstring (What?). So honest, “multi-layered things” arouse completely different associations with me-ahem.But the blouse fits perfectly with the embroidered trousers and the sandals of Zara. The embroidered jeans, by the way, is not so hard to talk to the washing machine, to be exact, it is the embroidery, which with the swinging turn not quite so gladly have. But as we all know, we should not wash our jeans anyway… prefer to dust and air… And because all this takes its time, I am now dusted jeans pants and wish you a very wonderful Friday loved everyone…?

…and why Konen did not pay me for this grandiose article, I can not explain…?