Must Have Fashion for Winter

Soon the new year and what about the future must-have fashion fall-winter 2011 2012? A check-up in twenty-five points of trends next headlights in the rays.

Fashion for Winter

Here, we leave bathe the entre-cuisse two weeks and during this time where the world of fashion made a general stroke. The very substance of the Shoemaker Christian Louboutin, the famous red soles, no longer belongs to him. BIM, is the New York Court which ruled during the trial that opposed it to Yves Saint Laurent. Revelations shock: Coco Chanel would have been collaborator during the second world war and worse, Pippa Middleton wore a waist panties at her sister’s wedding. Nothing, I tell you. In the meantime, here are the must-have fall-winter 2011 2012, the stuff that you can’t escape.

For more info 100% trends, you can also take a look at Abbreviationfinder for the fall-winter 2011 2012 fashion trends.

1. The tartan

Scottish printing will be of all combinations: dresses, pants, coats, scarves. If you like, you will be served! (then, panties or no panties under Plaid skirt?)

2. The mesh

Good news, you won’t be cold. The big cracks are still fashionable this winter. It does not hesitate to overlay them, even do not put coats. Attention however to the bibendum of the snow effect.

3. The pop coat

Color-block summer madness has reached the winter coats. Blue, fuschia, Garnet, mustard… Everything goes. And the question now will be to ask what pantone will go best with your dark gray circles and your red nose of a Monday morning of November at 7. Hard…

4. The starry print

Erected by Dolce & Gabbana this season, the stars print comes to compete with the peas. On a sweater for the day or a dress for the night.

5. The masculine tuxedo

The male/female dressing room pushed to its climax, it’s the tuxedo. Less prepared, more tomboy that ladylike, you wear slightly upturned and scruffy with a pair of sneakers. It’s the chic wanton, that is!

6. The 40s patterned dress

Slightly puffed shoulders, waist and flared skirt. All in retro colors and naïve prints of swallows, flowers or pea, the dress of the post-war period is given to the taste of the day. We the assorira very well with the shoes, a satchel and a beret for example.

7. The dyed fur

Some have opted for dyeing of cats… there to wear. Always in coats but especially in Accessories, on collars and snoods (kind of scarf tubes), the fur trend will be as colorful. Avoid even when green, could confuse you with the Grinch.

8. The 70s wrap dress

Fluid dress, knotted in kimono, Bell sleeves and a skirt flared at least up to the knees, no doubt, you’re in the presence of a model of straight from the seventies and the hippie wave. In fall or decorated with a cashmere print colors, wear it with high leather boots and a wide-brimmed hat for those who dare to the hat.

9. The sports lines

The look sporty and urban appropriates the sous-pulls (that we wear without sweater so, follow well) and pants (right, jodhpur, slim) vertical lines side, white or black. And when I say sports, okay, it’s than the field of horse riding or the slopes of Chamonix from the football field of mud in the 02 and your run of EPS.

10. The leather skirt

Not really new but more fetishistic and sexy than previous versions. The leather skirt will be mini or pencil for who want to reveal a soul of Secretary SM for the big day. Or to scare at your in-laws, to choice. For the rest we play sober, shirt buttoned to the top, we avoid transparency and avail themselves of male/female contrast with why not an overcoat to broad build.

11. The tweed

Indelible material of winter, we choose tweed in priority for a coat or a bottom (skirt/pants). To wake up his cushy side we getting married with parts a bit more rock or glamorous as a slightly transparent blouse.

12. The jacket coat

In full in the trend back to school preppy, the coat jacket back on the bench for trends. Jacket ideal for mid-season, the door like a schoolgirl british (like Blair Waldorf), with a skirt and a blouse, or rather boyish with chino pants.

13. The native American poncho

Trend that began last year, navajo patterns persist. On shawls or large ponchowrap (for wrap you in it like a fajitas), it’s a good alternative to the classic coat. As it gives a very wide shape at the top, we’re careful to wear tights or skinny jeans at the bottom for air a little silhouette.

14. The white cub look

You saw it in our record of the autumn winter 2011 2012 fashion trends, the polar bear looks fashionable. The ideal material: mesh and fur. Preferred creams whites and whites broken to the Immaculate white. And if you’re really afraid of disappearing under this avalanche, remains in the cameo by mixing your outfit with beige accessories (scarves, bags and boots suede for example).

15. The top bi-material

MI-Cuir (or leatherette, fabric coating), mi-autre thing, the top bi-material is a hybrid cross is often. Usually these are sleeves that are coated and the rest of the top is worked in another subject. But we can also see the edging of leather on pockets and collars of some coats.

16. The kitsch animal sweater

Dalmatian, German Shepherd and Poodle (in fact, the entire family of Canids), Zebra, Wolf, Panther, the sweater influences has yet sunny days ahead. The must? The knitted sweaters ways canvas – of those found in the yard. More it’s ugly, it is connected, it seems.

17. The cape

Already must – have from the previous season, the cape piles up again. This time she is not necessarily camel but the trendiest will have ties frogged.

18. The baby doll look

Between Claudine collars, high socks, babies and all the dresses and skirts trapeze of the season, there will be enough to build the perfect wardrobe for a Twiggy. You can also take a look at the make-up Baby Doll.

19. The coat XXL

It-coat of the season but not necessarily the easiest to wear. Very long (at least until the calves), we avoid to choose wool boiled too coarse for the impression to be output in a bathrobe. Very imposing, it dress up any outfit. For a seventies touch, worn with a hat and look really chic, a simple black turtleneck and pants to sports vertical lines will suffice.

20. The capeline hushed

With the wide-brimmed fedora, here are two hats that you can afford to wear with any look. Sometimes Bohemia, sometimes boyish or ladylike, dare!

21. The midi skirt

It is the skirt that comes to the knees or slightly below. Traditionally fluid and flared, difficult to wear this length when we’re high as three apples (otherwise no market better, worry). Then it chooses it before all size high and get her top or her blouse inside to be able to put on a beautiful wide belt which will mark size. We put on rather a pair of high boots or high heels but for fans of the dish, the slippers or moccasins will do the trick if you break the codes of the preppy with a casual top (everything except a shirt!).

22. The python print

Always fans of leather goods, python will also export to all over your clothes. For those who are afraid to do too much, you do not print green or yellow immediately. Start with a neutral color as a brown or gray ground. Avoid leggings and jackets too much, a little blouse or a structured top will do.

23. The tie neck

It will make competition to col Claudine. Prefer him if possible long and wide strips to make a large loose knot. On the side for a version more seventies or in the Middle for a nice bourgeois look at itself.

24. The flare jean

Yet another code seventies, flare jeans are long legs and size high. Wear it with a pair of boots caramel or chocolate. (cf. This Fashion Fight Flare VS Slim)

25. Black & white

Simple, effective, the association of white and black still works. Rather masculine, we’re getting a look with a little rockabilly with a slim leatherette and a blazer. More feminine? Choose the houndstooth pattern on a skirt, for example.