My Pregnancy

And 38 weeks have passed. The home stretch, now of truth.
It seems like only yesterday I reported here my problems with breastfeeding, the first steps of Bruna, as did her sleep through the night, and in a few days I will have another baby at home.

I can’t explain to you how I feel.
I’m super excited, because just thinking about the day of the birth and the sense of touch the your child in you for the first time, I’ve come the tears.
On the other hand tells me; due end of pregnancy? Wow, these days are being hard on me.

Even more with another child in the House and having to work and organize everything, because I set up the whole room of Manu alone. Are sleepless nights due to the annoyances that belly. In my case as well as insomnia, legs and arms falling asleep, acid reflux, back pain, and a huge anxiety.
Today my doctor asked me home because I’ve been in a lot of pain in my stomach and a lot of contraction. It could come any time.

I think the woman heroine at that stage, pick up a pregnancy, it’s tiring, with beginning of ultra a baby at home, it’s a marathon.

If possible I intend to do a report on how to walk the routine of Manuela and how am I going to do to get organized with 2 kids at home. I intend to follow the same strict routine ( which I mentioned here) I had with Bruna and that worked very well. But I know every baby is one way. Let’s hope the Manu be healthy and calm.

All this to say that was the difficult task of being a mother and its challenges on a daily basis, I could have one of the most accessed blogs in the world of motherhood, with thousands of loyal readers who share with me doubts, insecurities and cheer a lot for me.
Minhas Dikas is also as a child, give me work, I got, I give my best, and get in return a huge affection of readers.

As soon as I was born, I must be absent for a few days until things get on track. But I promise to be very short this time and then be able to post news.

Cheer for me and Manu, to the birth goes well and she comes with good health. Love and prayers to you in this phase is very important. Send news when the small comes to the world! Keep an eye on Instagram that I will try to post a PIC!!! And for those who have, just follow the pictures on the left side of the blog!

Meanwhile, the blog continues!

A big kiss to all who follow me,