Myth Wristwatch: The History Of Wrist Jewelry

A watch is much more than just a device for the measurement of time. Whole tomes and regularly-published magazine issues are focuses on watch, the different manufacturers and even individual models. But what is the fascination for the noble timepiece for the wrist?

The beginning of a new understanding of time

The clock in general and the wristwatch in particular look on a moving, with numerous myths , past referred back. Since the 13th century, adorned the church towers of Europe’s rotating pointer and circularly arranged indexes and formed the central point of urban life with. A new sense of community was created by the standardised time display in public space and the more formal daily routines involved. Time was now understood as absolute and objectively measurable variable, an awareness that a slight, barely relevant in everyday damper learned only by Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The expansion in the private room was miniaturization of mechanics later what paved the way for portable measurement on the wrist. More than 200 years ago made Breguet for the Neapolitan Queen Caroline Murat a gold thread and clock attached strands of hair. The prestigious manufacturer and then coat Pocket filler of the high nobility boasts today, to have developed the world’s first wristwatch.

The watch as a piece of jewelry of the man

After the turn of the resulted in the 20th century first in women in fashion, wearing watches on the wrist. But the watch was increasingly to the piece of jewelry with a man, his appearance could give a personal touch. Would be hard to imagine that the watch had established itself as essential fashion accessory for any gentleman, if they meet not a useful task in everyday life with the measurement of time. The function effectively as a pretext for the timing that even gold and glitter a welcome accent in an otherwise virile and entirely male outfit set. Of course, the choice of the correct clock is a question of style, but a high-quality timepiece usually proves highly adaptable companion with which one cuts a fine figure in casual everyday fashion as well as in noble needle stripe optics.

Investment and highly symbolic companion

The long established manufacturer of luxury watches continue even today the precious heritage of their long tradition of work. With countless technical achievements and particularities, as well as anecdotes for each model series, watches offer enough conversation for feature-length discussions. At the same time, a watch is a more stable and secure asset. Many people feel more comfortable, to store at least some of their belongings and estate with a timer in the outer Office Secretary or safe deposit, rather than on a virtual account or custody account to “Park it”.

Due to their durability high-quality watches override the time that measure, even. They are therefore a long-time companion and often a piece of memory inherited through generations continue. A wristwatch thus represents not only a piece of history, but is often witness the personal life and family history of the wearer.

Every gentleman should have a high-quality watch

Given watches are often from related parties and special occasions, which should mark the beginning of a new section. As a wrist-watch measures arguably the most precious of all goods, she is finally a subject with great symbolic power, which you would like to be associated with for many years in connection.

The fascination for the timer on the wrist comprises many elements that all feed the myth of the clock as the most important piece of jewelry of the man and this talk that a gentleman should call his own at least a high-quality watch.

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