Nanolight-The World’s Most Efficient Light Source In The Form Of Light Bulb

In times in which light bulbs always worse reputation and are already banned in some countries, the Nanolight seems to project on special interest to come.

The Nanolight project is the speech of the the light yield a 100 watt light bulb, accessible but with consumption of only 12 Watts.Previous LED lamp need to achieve this light output, already 20 Watt and fluorescent lamps need even 24 Watts this light output.

The Nanolight project is not particularly cheap LED light sources to provide. Rather, it comes to make bulbs that save energy costs and achieve more lumens according to SHOPPINGPICKS.

1600 Lumens At Only 12 Watts Of Power Consumption

To kick start the Nanolight have brought together initiators just the necessary financial resources, they need to their statement after most efficient LED lamps of the world, to be able to produce in series. Overall, the corporations Nanolight LED lamp should reach 1600 lumens with only 12 Watts of power consumption. In contrast to other LED illuminants emulated at the Nanolight project spreading behavior of the traditional light bulb. The light is directed in all directions and provides the ultimate illumination effectaccording to the initiators. As with mostLED alternatives the light bulb, also the Nanolight reach bulbs directly after switching their full brightness.

Life Span Of 25-30 Years

The Initiater have the following screen once represented, how many lumens per watt, provided by other light sources in the reverse light bulbs available to the Nanolight. With 133 lumens per watt it is in about 200 percent better than other light sources. Help to save energy costs and also help the Co2 emissions can be saved. It expects that the LED will come bulb with a burn time of around three hours daily on a life span of about 25-30 years .