Narrow Ties

In the very narrow ties friend and foe facing relatively unforgiving. The fans of skinny ties dismiss wider ties as a stuffy , the friends of the standard format laugh at the thin things. The solid models are particularly controversial. Like to be purchased by their supporters, because they are easy to combine, they feel their opponents as the acme of the bad taste, remember in the 1980s leather ties.

Tie choice consider the figure type

It is difficult to talk about right and wrong on fashion, but there are clothing rules for specific situations or events, rules for the appearance of the items therein mentioned and Accessories can be found, however, hardly. If, during the evening going out for the tie is, the width of the tie in the dark remains. It is actually less a question of etiquette, the proportions and the fashion.

The narrow ties generally best fit the tight-fitting suits and jackets with narrow lapels. However, also the character type should be taken into account. A narrow ties affects a wide chest almost lost. Strong men have a problem with the current trend of the suit but anyway, not purely, they fit into the narrow cuts. Consequently they must waive then also the fingers ties. Also the preferred collar shape plays an important role. Who is particularly high or strongly spread collar, will be definitely not happy with very narrow ties, which result in a very small node .

Compromise possible

Since currently only narrow ties are shown in magazines and ads, the ties with the traditional width of 9 cm have very difficult at the moment. Because even the men who do not trust the ultra-thin Variant (five to six cm or less), want at least a little bit the trend join. Then pick up the Middle eight cm wide. This level can be a good compromise, even for men with a flat chest. Numbers games alone not sufficient but, to determine the best size, there will help only try.

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