Navigation Apps In The Test: Google Maps, Maps of Apple, Nokia Maps, Navigon

Car navi or navigation app?
So far, car navigation devices were better than GPS apps in the mobile, melts but the advantage. Current smartphones have large bright displays and properly steam from the speaker. Thanks to freewind processors, they quickly calculate the route. And: What navigation devices offer only in the upper class, is there even in the free league with smartphones: So is google maps up-to-date points of interest, about the newly opened café. Even more: Only the expensive provide an overview of the pace of the flowing traffic on the car navigation systems but each free navi app makes this.


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Pedestrians, who stare at the phone

The tested free apps have a walking mode, but some paths in the map are all missing. Most detailed are the maps on google. Who navigated on foot, not constantly want to gaze on the mobile phone display. The guidance on off display allows only nokia: A vibration alarm buzzing softly before turning off. The other apps remained silent in pedestrian mode in the test, even if the app menu prompts for pedestrian promised.

Fleet routes with bus and train

All cards apps figure out routes with buses and trains quickly to your destination. Nokia has but not all simply in the catalog. So lumia phones send even on a walk, when the subway would be better. Only google maps takes into account the departure times. Even test winner NAVIGON sends you at night at bus stops where you wait until dawn on the next bus. Apple has come out the problem elegantly solved with a previously loaded app of the verkehrsverbund also schedules into the phone. Just in the press the bus icon, enter start and finish of the iphone’s maps app, already there is a route that takes into account the timetable. To the stop and the last few metres to the target you must however with the maps app from apple navigate.

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Battery life and data thirst

Navigation calls the mobile: GPS needs lots of energy, and querying data and maps suck juice from the battery. So, the battery of mobile phones was empty in the test for continuous navigation after about three hours. The longest was enough to run out of steam at the samsung galaxy S3 with google maps. NAVIGON and nokia, the cards can be transfer to regions or countries on the phone. So, internet contact only for the target search and traffic reports is necessary. Google maps can be, after all, preload. So the data consumption was at NAVIGON and nokia for around 40 kilobytes, for apps that load map data, however, at around four or five megabytes per hour.

Conclusion: Mobile navigation

Test victory brings the mobile navigator with very good maps and almost perfect routes. The free apps, google is ahead thanks to good maps and easier POI search. Nokia scores with preloaded maps. Only apple disappointed with poor maps and corresponding routes.