New Fender Headphones Cost As Much as a Guitar

The traditional manufacturer of musical instruments Fender has launched a new product aimed at consumers of audio.This is a line of “Pro” in-ear headphones for those who want the best possible experience in the area.

The price can be a bit scary, but the line wants to reach all possible audiences: there are five models that range from $ 99 to $ 499 (something around $ 2,000).In other words, if your budget is limited, you will need to choose between a headset or a guitar.

All models are intended for music lovers, but the more expensive and complex ones should appeal more to the professionals in the field, from producers to composers and rock stars.

The idea is that Fender’s more expensive headphones will serve the consumer as if they were tailor-made, all thanks to patented hybrid technology that uses 3D printing.

Get to know the line

The DXA1 is the entry model and has a more flamboyant transparent look.The FXA2 is for those who appreciate “true sound set on and off the stage”.The FXA5 brings hybrid technology and lets you hear the smallest detail in a recording or performance.The FXA6 has the same technology but focuses on playing live performances with clarity and fluidity.

Top of the line, the FXA7 has “articulated performance, luxury comfort (…) in perfect harmony”.The Pro In-Ear line is manufactured by Aurisonics, a company that Fender has acquired to use the services.The product is already on sale in partners and physical stores of the brand, but there is no launch planned for Brazil.