New GPS Devices From Garmin

On the this year’s OutDoor, you could test all new models of which only has introduced specialist GPS in the past few weeks, Garmin. Here the overview of all new features at Garmin.


With the Montana, Garmin brings three versatile outdoor units with 4-inch touch screen on the market. I have already presented the new Montana.

Dimensions from the Montana is already quite clunky if you would like to use it as a hand tool. For the in-car navigation, the 4-inch might be display but again a bit too small. The user interface, even if it is really chic, seemed slightly sluggish to respond to me, but I also just so played out. Nevertheless, the Montana could be a good combination for people who need a handheld device as well as a car navigation device without wanting to buy two devices.

The price is for the Montana 600 at 499 eurosfor the Montana of 650 599euros, and for the Montana 650 t 649 EUR.


The eTrex series has been technically revised and reissued. The complete presentation was there already few week ago here in the blog.

The eTrex is a really handy device, therefore the display is quite small. For the entry-level model, the contrast of the grayscale screen was probably adversely set because it was somewhat poorly readable. The small joystick operation works well.

The price is for the eTrex 10 119 euros, for the eTrex 20 at €199, and for the eTrex 30 for 249 Euro.


Garmin expanded presented almost a year ago GPSmap 62 series two devices with built-in camera: the GPSmap 62sc and GPSmap 62stc.

Both devices offer the familiar functions and in addition an integrated 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with automatic Geotagging function. The latter assigns each photo the exact coordinates of the location. On the road shooting not memory runs out of space a, the GPSmap 62sc as well as the 62stc with 3.5 GB have a rich internal memory.

The price is for the GPSmap 62sc 499 euros and for the GPSmap 62stc 549 euro.


With the Astro 320, Garmin brings out the next generation of its award-winning and praised by all sides, GPS Hundeortungs system.

Hunters, foresters and search dog teams of police, Red Cross, and various support facilities were equally enthusiastic. No reason for resting on laurels – on the contrary: the global leader in satellite navigation has made even better the youngest generation. The Garmin Hundeortungs system consists of two components, the receiver unit Astro 320 and DC 40 transmitter. The latter is a dog collar with a built-in GPS receiver and a VHF radio transmitter for transmission of position data to the receiver.

The new Astro 320 offers greater range, new features, as well as a simpler menu. The Astro receiver has a range of up to 14 km and can receive up to ten dog signals simultaneously and also on the map represent.

The price for the Astro 320 including DC 40 transmitter is located at 729 euros.

All Garmin will be soon available on