New HTC One: Photo Leak to the Double Camera Remains A Mystery

A close-up of the camera system in the new HTC one is currently making the rounds. Back again for the publication of the detailed image of bloggers responsible Sonny Dickson evleaks alias. The purpose of the second, slightly smaller-looking camera opening remains enigmatic but despite good image quality.

New HTC One Photo Leak to the Double Camera Remains A Mystery

Visually, the fresh gel file image of the new HTC one fits perfectly to the most recently discovered material. In the spotlight, the camera is this time but on the back of the Smartphone, so that may further be speculated as the two eyepieces will work exactly. The double Flash in slightly different colors is already known from other high-end devices. The iPhone 5 s, this ensures more natural colors and no images.

New HTC One 3

The Big Mystery: What is the Purpose of the Second Camera?

The two cameras on the back of the new HTC one, there are several theories: so might the simultaneous recording with two different cameras afterwards advanced editing capabilities offer or just by a matching of the two photos that increase overall quality of the result. As well, additional settings for Zoom, focus, depth of field would be possible.

New HTC One 2

It is unlikely that an another video teaser in the next few weeks more reveals to the improved camera of the new HTC one. Important details have been drowned out so far in the witty little spots with noise and even the device itself was depicted only pixelated. At the latest to the big revelation on March 25 there will be probably finally clarity about, what has everything to offer the Smartphone.

New HTC One 1