New (old) AGB Instagram Action Class Lawsuit Against Photo Network

Update (27.12.): Class-action lawsuit against terms and conditions
The californian law firm finkelstein and krinsk has filed in a federal court in san francisco class action lawsuit against the photo network. In the writ, is among other things that instagram takes its users their rights, while the company protects from any responsibility. Instagram have not fully withdrawn the terms and conditions, but reworded only the guidelines for advertising purposes, handelsblatt reported. The lawyers demand that also when you leave the service of the user the rights to its reserves images. Instagram holder facebook judged the lawsuit as worthless and she vigorously combat.

Update (21.12): New old terms and conditions
Everything back to zero: Instagram reactivated the ancient version of the general terms and conditions, to curb the turmoil to the changes of the general terms and conditions. In a blogpost, co-founder kevin systrom said the company had failed to explain the changes to its users. Therefore, now experience the old rules back in force that were at the start of the service in october 2010. Systrom also writes a renewed thrust on changes of terms and conditions accept, if it is clear how advertising on instagram in the future function to.

First announcement
Excitement to instagram: The photo sharing service had published new privacy conditions and rules of use on december 17, 2012, which provoked a worldwide protest. Many users and media interpreted the changes so that instagram wanted secure full rights on the uploaded photos, to sell the images to third parties. Unpleasant scenarios: Instagram photos could soon appear on advertising posters and the copyright he receives not a cent, not only or it is not even informed about the operation. Some users were the consequences and were off now on instagram (how, read the last paragraph).

Photo sharing services: Alternatives to instagram

5 programs alternatives see instagram explained
instagram reacted quickly to the protests and published a second blog post explaining the changes enter into force on 16 january 2013. Systrom tries to calm down the heated tempers and apologizes for the confusion and excitement that has given rise to the announcement. He writes that legal documents would easily misunderstood and explains how the criticisms in detail. The most important statements are that instagram has no intention to sell, that the rights of the images continue to include users and the author retains control over the users photos, who sees photos uploaded.

The changes mean that really de facto instagram has no intention of probably really to sell user content on a large scale. Rather it is sale of photos and information to advertisers a similar concept to advertising sponsored by facebook’s. There pay companies that users see your ad prominently placed including the interaction of their friends with the brand or the product. So one sees what current movies or coffee chains like the friends and they check into any shops or bars. Systrom wants to not integrate such advertising the instagram-news channel, since this bother the user. Rather, the service wants to create routes with which users can discover new members and interesting content. What is planning exactly instagram, is not known.

Instagram facebook =the changes of the terms and conditions were necessary because instagram belongs to facebook for some time. The social network acquired the fotosharig service in april 2012 for around one billion euros. The new privacy policy help instagram easier as part of facebook to work by information between the two companies may be given, as the initial announcement about the changes. Also should so spam and abuse will fight more effectively and better protection for the users are.

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7 pictures you see here a selection of uploaded photos on instagram wants to keep users
in the interpretation of the new terms and conditions, common sense should remain switched on in spite of all conspiracy theories: Yes, instagram wants to make money, and yes, the service is part of the evil data octopus facebook. That’s why you must be careful what information you share with the service and what you’d rather not upload. Nevertheless, instagram wants to keep its users and scaring away not as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the service sold user photos in a big way.

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