New: Philips LED Carpet Lights Up The Way

The company of Phllips together teamed with the manufacturer Desso to develop a future-oriented carpet that could be used soon on conferences, at airports and in cinemas.

Innovation is a LED carpet, which can display icons, text and logos at any point, without that man only LED BB´s must install. Cinema-goers and travellers at airports could quickly find the right way as conference guests. Advertising is possible with this new LED carpet in good quality, is navigating from guests in the right areas in the first place. The Philips LED carpet in this article a little closer presented.

Philips LED Carpet Lights Up The Way

There are illuminated even interactive floors for a long time, so why invent the wheel again? There can be only one reason, namely the that the current solutions are simple and poignant too bad and there is a great potential to improve such a high demand for ground lighting. And it apparently does. With the new Philips LED carpet floor lighting to large areas such as in cinemas, airports, finding hotels and Conference centers, better navigation and communication with guests are converted.

High Potential For Cheap, High Quality

Not only the quality of LED lighting as it is Philips crucial be carpet for success or failure of the product but also the price and usability. The system must be extremely cost-effective to be broadly successful, be easy to install and to use with the opinion of On these points, Phillips should place high value in developing co with Desso to make the LED carpet a sales hit. Already next year LED carpet should be sold to hotels, cinemas, airports and conference centres of Philips. Philips should observe the above points and find simple solutions for the challenges of bringing such a system, is the success of a large-scale LED carpet, easy-to-customize is at any point, nothing in the way. The market is in any case available and open for innovations.