New Portuguese Brand: Sola Art Shoes

Art on the soles of shoes with the collection “Dare to Be”

Sola is a 100% Portuguese brand created by Rita Barreto and Maria Briz, mother and daughter, have come together to create bold accessories. The brand combines the art of painting by hand with high-heeled shoes, a must-have accessory for any woman.

By creating hand-painted custom soles, Sola transforms high-heeled shoes into original and daring pieces that are inspired by dreams, moods and the desire to live every moment to the fullest as a form of self-expression. In an expression: live the Life!
The vision of the brand is a way for women to show or show their individuality, personality and make it stand out. The Sola woman builds her own style and rocks anywhere.
“Dare to Be” is the name of this new collection that transports modern women to a position or attitude that women dare to a greater purpose: to dare more and to trust in themselves. You can and should dare to be more than you ever imagined. More daring, more passionate, more beautiful, more conquering, wilder or sexier.
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