New Spring Clothing Collection

We continue to call this spring’s trends in the classic fashion. Here are previews from three British clothing manufacturer’s Spring collections:

Gieves & Hawkes
The theme of the spring collection by Gieves & Hawkes is traveling and the main source of inspiration is the British travel journalist Alan Whicker. Sports jackets are of classic cut, but in a sportier version with half lining system. The pants are highly cut usually with flat front and color choice is subdued with weak pink and light blue. Among the accessories, it is mainly the scarf and the retro-inspired sunglasses, which they produced together with England’s foremost eyewear manufacturer Cutler & Gross, who excels on shoe front continues G & H with his highly original “Buckshot brouge”. This spring, however, it is mainly the tasselloafern who had been shot to pieces by a shotgun.

G & H work according to the concept of “Slow Fashion”. Everything is well thought out and designed to last for several seasons. It is timeless and classic, but being close to be impersonal and boring. And above all, it is just as nice as usual when it comes to Gieves & Hawkes!

Jeremey Hackett have with their beloved Sussex Spaniels Charley and Browney became a well-known face on British men’s fashion. Hackett has successfully created a more youthful brand, strongly associated with Polo.

The problem with Hackett is that they stand quite still. I had wished that Hackett stopped focusing on boring Polo shirts and invested more to their spring collections dressy part goes under the name Yacht Club and the French Riviera , and unfortunately they are official pictures from the collections just as pretentious as the names suggests. I don’t doubt for a second that Jeremy Hackett, British men’s fashion, but I think way too much focus is placed on brands and not the clothes. However, there are some positive signs, especially among the accessories. The flowered craze and the crocheted ties are two fun elements in the collection. In addition, there are a lot of stylish bags.

Pringle of Scotland
Some who do know, however, how it is possible to combine a youthful style with more dressy fashion is Pringle. Pringles Chief Designer Clare Weight Keller for the spring collection inspired by Interior Designer David Hicks and the actor Terence Stamps style during the ‘ 60s and ‘ 70s. The latter was originally intended as the protagonist in the film Alfie, which instead went to his friend Michael Caine.

In the past we have on Manolo noted Pringles using plastic platform and the three-piece suit in her collection. Is otherwise rather simple coats with single button closure and nice details such as ticket pocket. The fit is a little narrower and silhouette pretty vacant with dainty kavajaxlar. Together with Harry’s of London have Pringle created a series of exclusive shoes sometimes other Python and crocodile skins.

Finally a shopping tips! Turnbull & Asser opened a webshop so that all you anglofiler can run about in the same shirts as Prince Charles and James Bond.