Nexus 4: Finally In The Google Play Store Available!

Update (29.1.2013): finally available 

Google private shop play store, the LG is available again nexus 4. The small model with eight gigabytes of memory ($299) as well as the version with double amount of memory (349 euros) are in stock. Who ordered now, gets the Smartphone in one to two weeks delivery time.

Google play store: LG nexus 4 order 

Available at Media Markt
In the media-market-online-shop is listed with 16-gigabyte memory currently as immediately available nexus 4. In conversation with COMPUTER confirmed the electronics dealer, larger quantities of the Smartphones get picture and expect further deliveries in the next few days. If the nexus due to the great demand on the Internet is not found, worth to check the availability in the markets, so the press office. The markets had also received supplies in different large numbers. A random check showed that the most media-market stores ready sign nexus 4 immediately.

Media Markt sells the nexus 4 with 16 gigabytes of storage for 395 euros. 50 euro are more than Google for the device requires.

Test: Google nexus 4 high-flyer at a dumping price

Production stop denied
Caused an unconfirmed report that LG have stopped production of the nexus 4, meanwhile, renewed excitement. The South Koreans, who make the Android flagship on behalf of Google, have denied that, however: the production at the plant in Pyeongtaek is proceeding according to plan and it was responsible not for the shortages. It is conceivable that Google simply underestimated the massive demand and not enough Smartphones has therefore ordered. Is also unlikely that Google of the nexus 4 after a such short sale phase again to expire can be.

Google nexus 4

34 images Android Smartphone look at supply problems from the outset
Already am at the Erstverkaufstag (November 13, 2012) resulted in supply bottlenecks and problems with the orders. As is to shortly after 9: 00 opened the virtual doors of Google’s own play store, it took no 30 minutes, until at the nexus 4 of the status of in stock available to soon changed. This demand was most probably after the Smartphone with 16 gigabytes of memory first, it was no longer available. Short time later appeared the message in the small eight-gigabyte version of the nexus 4 and the new Nexus-10 Tablet from Samsung.

Server Error
Self who were virtually on time spot, could a new device not be sure. So, quite a few users report crashes and error messages on Google + and Twitter. Until it had loaded the page again, the desire device was already sold out. Apparently, Google’s servers were not up the onslaught. Point 9:40 o’clock at a time landed to make matters worse, as most devices the reminder email about the availability of nexus devices in mailboxes of users were no longer available, the earlier such a request had.

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nexus 10: the Google tablet in pictures

19 photos nexus 10 see bad planned
like the rush must have been great , suggests using the numerous comments on the net. On the profile page of the PR-Manager of Google Germany alone excited users left 500 partly angry comments within a few hours. Many were disappointed by the poor preparation of the company. The problems had to fight not only German customers: reportedly units were sold out in the United Kingdom and Australia in the shortest time. Not only in the COMPUTER image test nexus persuade 4 and nexus 10: that demand correspondingly large fails, surprisingly not.

nexus 10: Google’s large tablet in the practice test

attention at any cost?
presents Apple for years, how they successfully attracted attention: artificial shortages give the products a special value. Who to the launch a new iPhone or iPad get, should consider himself lucky. Some users accuse Google now to use same strategy.

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