Night Light to Help Baby Sleep

A night light that lights up the right amount of dark children’s room can be a security for children who are blind. There are different night lights, cordless, which can be taken to the child’s bed, stationary with the play of light and music, or minor variations that are put directly into the electrical outlet. A night light can also give guide light for drowsy parents and just the right lighting for nighttime diaper changing or feeding times.

Night Light and Baby

Barbapapa is lit up
Pabobo Barbapapa lumilove is from a lamp that both sleep with and play with.

The Nightlight charging on their charging plate and lights up when it is lifted from the plate.A charging light keeps shining for about 12 hours.

Lumilove Barbapapa is that blue or pink.

Voice-activated night light
Lamp Duux Baby Projector projecting stars in green, purple or blue.

Night light can be set on a timer but can also be voice-controlled so it starts if the child wakes up and brings noise.

Price: 499 SEK at Autobaby.

Soft teddy bear
German Ansmann has night lights that are cosy, stuffed animals like this Teddy bear named Tobi.

Night light with LED lighting is integrated in the Josephnightlights and shape also has a Lullaby function with three different melodies. The lamp will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.

For the electrical outlet
With night light plug-in from Brother Max that is inserted into a power socket, you can still use the outlet with other appliances.

Daylight sensor turns off the lamp and turn on automatic so that it does not light up unnecessarily.

Practical child protection included.

High cosiness factor
With a simple push on the shell to turn night light turtle Gus from Baby Zoo.

It’s fine to have Gus in bed because Gus does not become hot when he shines. In addition, he shuts itself off automatically after 10, 20 or 30 minutes, or lit all night.

Detachable figure
Night light Good night baby from Chicco is composed of two parts, a base that serves as speaker and light projector and a detachable small alf with night light in the hat.

In the base unit, you can play melodies and have a play of light on the walls and ceiling in the children’s room to reassure the child.

Night light also has an acoustic sensor that lights the lamp of alfens Hat if the child wakes up and begins to cry.

Teddy bear with stars
Press once on Katie’s stomach so shines a bright starry sky across the room.Press again and the stars vary in color from red, blue to green.

Nightlight from Teddykompaniet also acts as a cuddly teddy bear.

Light turns off automatically after 10 minutes.

The constellations on the ceiling
Night light Twilight Turtle Cloud b transform your child’s room into a starry night sky.

The cute turtle shows eight different constellations in three different colors, choose between blue, green and amber.

The lamp will turn off automatically after 45 minutes.

Colorful ghost
Nightlight Haunt from Ikea turns on and off by pressing the ghost’s head.

The light in the night light changes colour automatically, but can be locked by pressing the power button again.

Haunt lit for approximately 4-5 hours if the battery is full charged.

Small & simple
Nightlight from Tigex will have low energy consumption thanks to its LED-lamp.

The lamp simply into a power outlet.

The lamp must have a service life of 50,000 hours.

Fog standard bulb
If you are just looking for dim light in the child’s bedroom without all the extra bells and whistles that many night lights you can buy an external dimmer to suit a variety of different lights with cord.

The dimmer Fog from Ikea connects directly between the lamp and the wall outlet without tools, and you can then regulate the lamp brightness.