Nikon Hybrid Viewfinder

Judging by the recent filing of patents made by Nikon, the Japanese manufacturer would be developing a hybrid viewfinder for its next digital SLR.As well as the Fuji X 100, much appreciated Moreover, this viewfinder would propose a completed optical aiming of an electronic aiming as sight conditions more comfortable for the user.

The advantage of hybrid viewfinder is able to offer both a classic optical sight, as it has been known since the early days of photography, and e aim, like that of the bridges for example models. This electronic aiming, in the viewfinder and not on the rear screen, use an LCD display that projects the image seen through the lens in the viewfinder. This type of sight can, because it is an electronic image and optics, see complete information of shooting – exhibition, limits of framing, etc.

The other two advantages of this type of sight are the possibility of having a framework 100% very simply, what are all the sights, and especially a bright image when shooting conditions are tough: low lights, night, high contrast, backlight.

If this type of viewfinder arrives on the next Nikon DSLRs as the probableNikon D800 or Nikon D4, there are strong bet that he would react to the small world of the personally, creating a new shift in habits. But that’s also the point of innovation to make life easier for the user. Provided that the system is disengaged, that user’s hand on its operation and optical aiming is not overlooked so far. We care about our optical viewfinders full format field Mr Nikon!