Nokia N86 8MP in the Test

Time: after Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG offer camera phones has been a good year with 8 Megapixels, Nokia is now 8MP with the N86 – to celebrate what has been achieved, the Finns took up equal the number of pixels in the type designation. After all: The wait was worthwhile.

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The N86 8MP presents itself as a worthy representative of the legendary N series and ends up ranked three of connect– leaderboard after reformed test procedure from the State. In fact, the multimedia expert compared to its larger relatives can be as little miss the N96. In this country anyway not very sought after TV tuner is almost the only thing missing on the list of equipment.

It offers the device in practice-clear advantages: his brilliant OLED display about that fun with a size of 2.6 inches (6.6 cm) – even if today the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, no peak is more. Mechanics and processing are also not the best, what the mobile market offers to go but overall OK.


Like the larger N models, the Slider mechanics can drive either the telephone keypad or the player keys to control music and video playback. And who wants to can open a stand mounted around the camera lens, to prepare the device for video demonstrations on the table. Control can be so but possibly by remote control.

Such counts as a cable version included. You can plug a headset with 2.5 mm jack socket and then provides access to the playback features. Because it also has a Jack, you can easily connect higher-quality headsets or headphones. Who wants to fully benefit from the very impressive sound quality of the device, should make use of this possibility.

A built-in FM radio (FM transmitter), which can send music playback analog itself on the oldest car radio is one of the peculiarities of the N86 8MP. Who has installed modern entertainment technology in the ride, can transfer but also digital music via the A2DP Bluetooth profile.

Ordinary camera

The already quite well equipped from the factory with just 8 GB memory can be expanded with a MicroSD card; None is however included. If you need more memory in the face of many multimedia arts, must buy one. Connecttest, the N86 supported cards up to 16 GB, which is there at the online or electronic traders from 40 euro, 2 GB are available from five euros.

You need at least one such memory card in any case, if you want to make more photos with the 8-megapixel camera of the N86 8 MP. Maximum image resolution and quality, each photo delivers a 2-MB file. But the investment is worth taking: a cell phone camera images of the N86 can convince 8 MP really.

Two LEDs must serve as a Flash replacement. This is a shame – a real xenon flash would have been better the device. Download below the sample photo in original size and RGB mode to view in the download area.

Agree also the basics

And how does the Nokia, if one wants to use it, not as a multimedia machine, but as a mobile phone? Also convincing, albeit with small restrictions. The operation goes hand – and that liquid from the, although the Symbian OS S60 interface not just as performance miracle is known. The five-way button could respond but more precisely – sometimes it tilts down accidentally when confirming in one of the four menu directions.

The radio equipment offers quad-band GSM and UMTS with HSDPA 3.6 Mbit / s. The rapid upload via HSUPA is unfortunately missing. Wi-Fi is, however, on board – even in the faster standard 11 b / g up to 54 Mbit / s. N86 buyer will never have Bluetooth and A-GPS of course.

By House is installed in the new, improved version 3.0 Nokia maps. Pedestrian navigation across Europe there are free of cost (up on the fees of the data transfers), car drivers can try out pilotage services as 3-month trial.

In the lab: sending and receiving values

For fun, the N86 8MP meets the main requirements of business users — view and edit Office documents or PDFs are no problem thanks to Symbian.

Yet so much equipment – high placement in the connect-Bestenliste is not possible without convincing laboratory notes. So the publishers own Testfactory certified the Nokia very good send – and receive values both in the GSM and UMTS network.

The high-performance battery with 1180 milliampere hours (mAh) tackle a typical endurance of seven and a half hours or a standby time of 12 days. And also the acoustics can fully convince. All in all so a really pleasing package from Finland.

Data sheet

Touchscreen / multitouch capable /
Qwert keyboard
User interface S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2
internal memory (MB) 7600
Memory card slot MicroSD
Battery type / replaceable battery Li-ion /.
Java engine
Headset / data cable Stereo headset /.
Memory card size
Charging cable for the car / holder for your car /
Width x height (mm) 39 x 52
Resolution (pixels) 240 x 320
Number of colors / type 16700000 / OLED
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / / /
HSDPA / HSUPA speed (Mbps) 3.6 /.
Wi-Fi standard 802.11b / g
Profiles: Dialup / object push / file transfer / /
Handsfree / headset / A2DP / /
Phone book access, generic access / SIM access / /
USB / storage / charging via USB / /
IrDA / headset connection / 2.5 mm jack on the housing
Caller groups / – sonderrufton / language selection / /
Situation profile (number) / flight mode > 6 /.
SMS / MMS / E-Mail client / /
SMS: memory slots (number) / user folder 1000 /.
E-Mail: Display of HTML emails / attachments send /
Contacts: Addresses / phone numbers / E-Mail address (number) 3 / 7 / 3
Appointment management / notes / to do list / /
Alarm clock / Outlook sync / SyncML / /
Web browser / WAP /
Camera / photo resolution (mega pixels) / 8
Auto-focus, optical zoom / photo light / / two LED lights
Videoaufn. / (Pixel) resolution / FPS / 640 x 480 / 30
Music player / FM radio / video player / /
Audio format: MP3 / WMA / M4A / AAC / / /
Video format: 3GP / MP4 / WMV / /
Number games / TV receiver / video telephony 3 / /
Receiver GPS / A-GPS /
Navi-software / license / route planner Nokia maps 3.0 / trial license for 3 months /.
standard radiation factor / SAR value (-/ W / kg) -0.31 / 0,760
Stand by time (days) 12
typical endurance (hours) 7:37 am
Talk time D-network 8:16 am
Talk time E network 10:46
Talk time UMTS network 2:19
Weight (grams) 149
Dimensions (L x B x H) in mm 103 x 51 x 17


Endurance (max. 115) well (90)
Endurance conversation / operation (80) 68
Endurance standby (35) 22
Facilities (max. 175) good (144)
System [: (15)] 15
Scope of delivery (10) 4
Display (25) 17
Connectivity (20) 17
Phone functions (15) 15
Messaging (15) 11
PIM (15) 15
Office (5) 5
Web browser (10) 7
Camera (15) 13
Music and video (15) 14
Multimedia miscellaneous (5) 3
Navigation (10) 8
Handling (max. 125) satisfactory (83)
Manageability (40) 28
User interface (60) 38
Processing quality (20) 13
Documentation / support (5) 4
Measured values (max. 85) very good (76)
Transmission and reception quality GSM (33) 29
Transmission and reception quality UMTS (17) 14
Acoustic measurements send (17.5) 16.5
Acoustic measurements receiving (17.5) 16.5
connect judgment (max. 500 points) well (393)
tested in connect 04/09