Oakley Design Your Own Sunglasses

Oakley combines technology and design in the design of its articles. This unique philosophy of creation made Oakley one of the most popular brands in the world.

Oakley Sports Sunglasses

Oakley eyewear are primarily intended for sporting use and the professional and amateur athletes embraces all the “O” icon to define their own style and exceed the limits of the possible.
But besides of world-famous sunglasses, the brand offers a wide range of shoes, clothes and accessories for high performance.


Oakley is a brand that was created in 1975 by a certain Jim Jannard. The name was the dog of the creator, who would often lie at the foot of an oak tree where the name Oak – ley.
The brand was created in the first place for the convenience of cyclists. Indeed, at the time, there was no sunglasses quality that was intended (to protect them during their race, UV rays). The brand remained very long away from the Internet, to create its site online in 2014.


During various competitions sports, you’ve certainly seen hundreds of athletes wearing Oakley sport sunglasses, the accessory that makes the difference and you will open the doors of Fame.

And if you look closer, you’ll see that most of them were wearing Oakley sunglasses. During the last Olympic Games for example, athletes such as Bryan Clay, Kerri Walsh, Oscar Pistorius, Lolo Jones, Mark Cavendish, Cadel Evans, Javier Gomez and many others sported the latest models of the brand.
There are three reasons for this…

  • First: Oakley Sunglasses have a unique glass technology. The Oakley high performance optics offer the sharpest view possible.
  • Second: even if the sky is overcast, the athletes wear even when their solar during a race in order to benefit from the protection they offer against dust, insects and rain.Not to mention the optical protection offered by the brand lenses against the heavy projectiles.
  • Third: Oakley Sunglasses are the standard for victory. Athletes wearing the Oakley M-Frame have earned more medals than their opponents wearing other sports accessories. It is a statistical fact that is indisputable.

You will also see frames of Oakley mode on athletes, once the test completed. The look of the sunglasses is replaced by something a little more relaxed, and that’s where the wayfarer of the Oakley Frogskins look comes in.
Athletes confirmed or not, and always in the interest of performance, the Our site shop offers an extensive collection:

  • Sunglasses: there are two. One male and one female. The style is very thin, resistant, it can be colorful or very sober. There are many materials available and suitable for your operating mode: anti-UV protection, polarizing, anti-shock glass. However, some can be adapted to your every day life.
    • Clothing: as for glasses, there is a men’s collection and women’s collection. The clothes are all comfortable and resistant. The style is present and provides forms and elegant colors.
    •Accessories: the online store also offers practical accessories like watches, backpacks, gloves, caps etc… On this site you will find all that need you for a good bike ride, whatever the time of year.

Oakley continues did continue his legacy of authenticity by creating articles of great quality and with a level of innovation at the forefront of technology.


  • On the official Oakley site, you can create an account and keep you abreast of new models, from the news of the site as well as good future plans of campaigns of destocking etc…
    • Customization: on-site Our site you have the option to choose the mount and your future glasses and also to customize, choose the color, shape, materials etc…
    • To order or if you have questions, you can contact Oakley customer service by email or by phone. This service is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00.