OnePlus No May Sell Its One in India by The Agreement in MicroMax and Cyanogen

Following after form raised prudential Xiaomi veto, it appears that we have new mess in sight in the India, and is that escapes no one that the important emerging market in the Asian country is turning into a good workhorse for all major manufacturers.

The now affected also comes from China, but this time it seems that OnePlus will be the victim by the courts of New Delhi, After a complaint from MicroMax following its agreement with Cyanogen Inc.

Apparently, in the contract signed by the software developer North American and Indian manufacturer it would have indicated an exclusive agreement It will make impossible the sale of other devices equipped with Cyanogen OS in the India.

This implies that the Cyanogen software will be exclusive to the MicroMax Yu, and directly impacts on the waterline of OnePlus, which also installs in its One a Cyanogen firmware.

There is still no very specific information about This fact will affect relations between Cyanogen Inc. and OnePlus, in fact nor is it very clear just how will this affect the OnePlus One purchased abroad and used in the second most populous country in the world.

What is clear is that we have conflict in sight, but it seems that the Chinese manufacturer was prevented, and now that it has started the short sale of your first device also has announced that they are already working on the development of your own ROM based on Android.