OnePlus Summed Up His First Year of Life in a Fun Computer Graphics

OnePlus boys don’t want to decline the party, and is that the first year of life has given much. Perhaps that is the reason why the young Chinese manufacturer, presented to society in December 2013, it has been decided to celebrate your anniversary with a fun computer graphics that summarizes their comings and goings in a year plagued with 2014 news.

The mobile telephony market is today an a complicated and saturated habitat where growth is very difficult, but OnePlus had no fear, and with his philosophy “never settle” – do not settle for never – by banner, have already achieved the most complicated, which was to consolidate their project thanks to a terminal, the OnePlus One, that It has gained respect and a place among the best smartphones of 2014.

It was not a path of roses, especially because the enormous hype created around its One, defined themselves as a flagship killer with affordable price, reported them not only notoriety in the media, but also a demand impossible to cover with its manufacturing capacity.

OnePlus One has had to be sold slowly, with a system of invitations that still has not been lifted completely, although it is nowadays already quite simple to get a One. And that means users dissatisfied by waits, and anxiety and frustration at not getting our terminal.

Hard early to they make the OnePlus people look to the future with some optimism, and in keeping with its commitment to be different, with a young mind and clear ideas, we wish them an even better 2015. Here you have your graphic vision of what has been for them their first year of life: