OnePlus Will Open an Office in Europe This Year

One of the companies of which more is I speak last year was OnePlus. Its commitment was clear, a terminal features dropouts at a price that was more than half range to high range. One of the first problems that we were at the time of launch us to buy the OnePlus One was the subject of submissions that were made from China.

Another problem was his disputed invitation system to be able to acquire your device, What at the beginning was almost a mission impossible task. Today there have been several opportunities to buy it in different days that the own OnePlus has admitted ordering no more requirements.

Today’s news is that OnePlus continues with his idea of expand and a necessary step would be the creation of an office on the European continent, measure that would win both in advertising and possibly in sales. For example, would be a step forward to have in a technical assistance in Europe to be able to solve the problems in a fast and efficient way.

Moment OnePlus plans are the opening of an office of research and development, but it certainly is a great first step. To do this, its CEO Carl Pei does not hesitate to send a message to the 1,000 dismissed for Sony so they send their resumes to join his team. If OnePlus send your items from Europe and without invitation, would increase significantly your sales?