Onyx Jewelry

The Onyx is a black variety of fibrous chalcedony. The derivation of the Word does mean finger nail or claw Onyx from Latin into Greek. It is also Onyx in the colors green, yellow, are these gems were used for baths Brown or mixed colors and installed floors of luxury apartments. The deposits are Yemen, Brazil and in South America and in the United States. The hardness of the Onyx is approximately 6.5 to 7 Mohs. This stone is associated with following sign: fish, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and even the Wasserman.

In esotericism, he shall have positive effects of Black Onyx for skin, hair and nails. As a healing stone, he should help Meteorosensitivity, intestinal problems and nausea. The Onyx to strengthen also our own ego and for more their own stability. Most commonly, the Onyx in genuine silver jewelry is processed, but also in real gold jewelry. Also many brand-name jewellery manufacturers use genuine Onyx in your collections, such as: PANDORA, Enge Rufer, Toyo-Yamamoto and many more. We provide genuine Onyx-Schmuck in sterling or real gold and as always for best price.

Onyx in black and murky, mysterious and noble-2

Onyx jewelry, which he effect promised to


For optimum performance should carry healing stones directly on the body, however, is the Onyx as gem stones in silver, be regarded as ring or beautiful earrings beautiful.

Onyx in black and murky, mysterious and noble-3

The Onyx jewelry appears Jet Black, almost mystical and impenetrable in its light.

Onyx rings in silver

The Onyx was originally from Greek, where the word means finger nail or claw also named. It takes its name from Greek mythology. Amhäufigsten Onyx zm beef is processed with silver.


Cupide should have severed the finger nail of divine Venus while she slept with an arrow. He scattered the remnants of the nail in the sand, where they are immediately transformed into stone, because no part of the goddess, not even a nail, should leave the world and perish without leaving traces.

The opaque stone translucent to is layers of black and white stone. Greater occurrence of stone are in the United States, Brazil, Yemen. Pakistan, Uruguay as well as in Madagascar.

The Onyx is a versatile mineral, which is respected not only as a gemstone, but is hochverehrt by his healing powers.

Onyx in black and murky, mysterious and noble-1


It is used as a healing stone for eye ailments, body and mind and stomach complaints.

Also have a positive effect on the ego is attributed to the Onyx.

He increases the self-confidence, promotes the ability of the analytical thinking, strengthens the assertiveness and helps to lose their ideas not from the eyes.

At the same time, he can create harmony between interior and exterior, increase toughness and resilience, which affects directly the Joie de vivre.

Already in ancient times, the Onyx stone as a powerful amulet was worn to protect against bad influences. Many ethnic groups took advantage and use it to protect against witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, as well as against the plague.

The ancient Greeks, however, appreciate his helpers in love.

Onyx in black and murky, mysterious and noble-4

Onyx pendant gemstone

It is useful to bear the Onyx gemstone jewelry piece, permanently, and for weeks he said after curative effect to promote and to achieve. Round, square, round, flat ground or oval it is perfect as Onyx pendant leather arm band versehendes a necklace with Onyx beads and Rhinestones, earring or brooch. Also piercings where the Onyx stone is processed, more are now commonplace and very popular, it is important to be achieving its full Wikung which allows him the kind of barrel close to the skin.

Onyx earrings

The Onyx is estimated simply because of his black shimmering beautiful gloss and bought. Its calm clear color is processed like in the last years by modern designers in the Collections. Combined lot jewellery with Onyx, such as beads, silver, gold and much more. Since black is a neutral color fits you just always that we gladly taken Onyx earring.

Men also wear the strong-looking stone like in the form of Silver earrings, silver rings, or as cufflinks. The black stone is placed at the heart of a piece of jewelry. He is not an accessory of gold or silver, but is itself the central element.


Onyx bracelet and the effect

He acts, whether in man or woman, elegant and always virtually to any outfit little mysterious. He has also always a solemn character, which gives it a dignified and exalted the carrier by its black colour. Calvin Klein, PANDORA, Leonardo, Thomas Sabo or T-Y Toyo Yamamoto use the Onyx in your jewelry collections for years, we offer also Onyx bracelets at dream prices.

Browse our pages for your jewelry and gemstone dealers of confidence, the House of Bridgat and treat yourself or your loved ones. We have premium quality at an affordable price, give it a try. With us you will find genuine Onyx jewelry at a fair price and no reconstructed Onyx.


Onyx jewellery

Onyx jewelry is produced mostly in 925 sterling silver, de the beautiful sparkling gem not so rare and thus also not so expensive is like for example jade. Please contact us already simple Onyx ball Stud Earrings in Sterling from 19,90 euro. But as with all so-called healing stones it is important even at the Onyx, touched the stone of the skin, therefore it is carried in the form of a necklace or a bracelet of the ball like.