Oppo N1: Innovation, Baby!

The N1 draws a line under the eternal hardware specs race and offers real new features – swivel camera, back touch panel and optional CyanogenMod factory for example.

Miracles always do again – with the Oppo N1 Smartlet still a device in the mobile market, boasting a real innovation comes in this year. Somehow I had the feeling that lately all about was, who can offer more processor power, a higher pixel density or more mega pixels for its cameras, see for example, Samsungand Sony with their champions Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z1. The Chinese by oppo have but don’t go for this race and for its new top model with other features accents – and you have it in themselves.

13 mega pixel swivel cam

Starting with the swiveling camera – here you might ask almost, why still no other manufacturer that has come. Thus, high resolution shots are possible both forward and backwards – 13 mega pixels for the resolution of Knipse, made videos in 1080 p quality. Admittedly, folded to the front cam in the N1 is not quite so elegant looks, here you could make design technically even more out of it. Depending on the position other lightning used – comes a softer for self portrait, a normal for everyone else.

The optics themselves has come to offer even a feature – so six lenses to use, for the first time in a Smartphone which should make for a very sharp image. The initial aperture of f/2.0 to enable good shots even in low-light conditions. In addition to the snapping to 0.6 seconds to be ready and images can take exposure time with up to 8 seconds for very artistic photos.

O touch panel and custom Android

In addition to the camera, the back touch-panel is probably the most interesting feature. LG already provided this year with the LG G2 for attention, because that has Smartphone buttons to operate (e.g. volume control) on the back. Oppo goes a step further: on the back is a 12 cm small touch panel, called “O touch panel” integrated, with which you can scroll, select and shoot pictures. The advantage: when operating, the vision not through the hand is blocked.

Finally, there are two variations of Android at the N1 to the election. So the Smartlet comes first with the in-house “color OS”, a revised version of Android-4.2. There are also the CustomROM “CyanogenMod” in a limited edition factory. CyanogenMod is an alternative Android interface, which first started as a hobby project, became more popular and now by a registered company is developed, which now looks after hardware partners and oppo has found the first. To install CyanogenMod on his Smartphone, it was previously necessary to rooting, the unit which resulted in a loss of warranty.


Giant battery, but no LTE

Not only the mentioned innovations, but also the other specs of the N1 can be. So the Smartlet with a 5.9-inch full HD display is equipped (1080 p, 373 ppi), which responds to stylus input as well as on the operation with gloves. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S600 processor that pulses with 1.7 GHz per core.

The memory is of either 32 or 16 GB internal, large 2. The battery has a capacity of proud 3.610 mAh, GPS, Wi-Fi of 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0, USB and Wi-Fi direct are also on board. LTE is waived, however, unfortunately as well as on NFC.


A little too big is the weight: 213 grams are already a quite a bite, there not the fact comfort also in away, that the Smartlet is just 9 mm thin. By comparison, the

Samsung Galaxy touch 3 has only a minimal smaller display (5,7 “), weighs only 168 grams. To mention, even the “ceramic-like” covering recourse against fingerprints,immune to be, because we let times surprising, what thus did it on himself.

The supplied “O-click”, a kind of Smartphone search help as a Bluetooth key chains, which triggers an alarm when the N1 when you press is a gimmick in my eyes even more, you now have usually another phone or laptop + VoIP in the vicinity, to call his device.

Market launch in Germany uncertain

But good, on the whole, oppo with the N1 is the perhaps most interesting mobile device of the year on the market, when it comes also to us, then that would be better. First come the Smartlet in October after China, the international variant followed in December. It is still not sure whether we will see the N1 in Germany. The price should be at least not too long, finally offered the device in China for 3,498 Yuan which is about €420.