Original Ideas for Christmas Gifts

You are on the hunt for some original idea for your Christmas gifts? Shopping section of the site Our site, I found a really neat idea: children’s clothes made entirely by hand, but that, in addition, are even customizable!

The great thing about this line, branded co. co. meri, is that you can compose each piece according to your preferences: you can choose not only the model and color, but also the matching and color your favorite rib.

I also like the attention paid to the choice of fabrics, which (except for batteries) are all natural, like velvet, fustian or cotton Jersey.

These dresses are available exclusively online. The only flaw, in fact, are the postage, which sadly, as always happens online, are not relevant in this case amounted to 10.00 euros.

Clothing prices, however, are not so high: for example, the Trapeze dress in the big picture, costa 54.00 euros, roughly the same price that can be found in some children’s clothing chain stores.

On the Internetdict.com, you will find DIY gifts for Christmas and a very useful table sizes and (not least) the heads are all machine washable. I have to say there’s more choice on the dresses for little girls, but for kids a cute model is the fleece with hood that see it looks very hot!