Osram Leds-Superstar & LED Star Differences

The variety in the market for LEDs is often overwhelming. What used to be a product today seems to have become an unmanageable product of product development. Who needed a light bulb, it was conceivably simple: form, version, wattage and off into the shopping cart.

In the age of LED lighting, this is not so easy.

OK, I’ve decided: Quality of Osram is supposed to be it and at a good price. I need a replacement for my 60W bulb. Fitting: E27. Must be easy. In the first moment I get a selection of 2 product proposals, which all my needs cover themselves in the price however not clearly in the designation clearly:

Osram LED STAR Classic A60 E27 10W and Osram LED Superstar Classic A60 E27 10W

So where is the difference?

Osram Superstar Vs. LED Star-Differences

The most important information about the two LED series is: They hang together. For most Osram LED Star bulbs, there is an equivalent Osram LED superstar variant. And now only the why is missing:

Osram LED Star-The Standard LED Range

The STAR LED series from Osram can be understood as a basic variant.Osram places the focus on this series on a good, consumer-friendly sales price. LED STAR is the first choice when no special requirements such as dimmability or durability are placed on the LED lamp.

The Superstar In The Assortment-The Osram LED Superstar Series

All Osram LED Superstar bulbs are the range for the more discerning customer. The location and performance parameters such as wattage or light output of the lamp are the same. The differences are shown in detail:

– All Osram LED Superstar lamps are dimmable.

– The Osram superstar series is designed for longer operation: the life span is greater.

– The energy efficiency class is even higher for many Osram superstar lamps.

– Osram LED Superstar Lamps have 4 years manufacturing warranty from Osram.

Osram LED superstar has been developed for informed consumers who are the quality more important than 2-3 euros per lamp. With the LED Star you are always well advised. If you like to look at the details and the quality of the lamp, you should consider the Osram Superstar variant.

Differences In The Example Osram LED Star/Superstar Classic A60 E27 10W

In order to clarify the whole, we show the concrete differences in Osram’s 60 watt replacement display models:

Arena on for: Osram LED Star Classic A60 E27 10W vs. Osram LED Superstar Classic A60 E27 10W

Usage data LED Star A60 E27 10W LED Superstar A60 E27 10W
Version E27 E27
Power in watts 10W 10W
Replacement for light bulb in Watt 60W 60W
shape pear pear
Length X Diameter 110 X 60 110 X 60
Dimmable No Yes

Became clear? All data on the place of use are aside from the dimmability of the lamp. If this is not a criterion, both lamps can be used for the same purposes.

Technical details LED Star A60 E27 10W LED Superstar A60 E27 10W
Energy efficiency class A + A +
Brightness in lumens 806 806
Burning time in hours 15,000 20,000
Service life in years 15 20
Color rendering index Ra 80 80
Manufacturing guarantee in years 3 4
Price (RRP) 15.95 17.99

It is getting interesting now. Small technical details make the Osram Superstar a technically better LED lamp. This is reflected in the market price.

Guide: Should I Now Buy The LED Star Or LED Superstar?

To use this whole information here also a small decision-aid in the search for the right Osram LED:

1.) Does the lamp have to be dimmable?

Yes: LED superstar

No: LED Star

2.) What is more important to me-The price or the quality of the LED lamp?

Price: LED Star

Quality: LED superstar

 3.) A longer life is important to me, because I do not want to have to change so often and push a new acquisition as far as possible before me?

Yes: LED superstar

No: LED Star

 4.) One year longer manufacturing warranty is worth money for me?

Yes: LED superstar

No: LED Star

Hopefully we could get a bit of light in the dark!