Outdoor LED Spotlights

For LED projectors, it’s always the moment. In winter the night falls early and you need light, summer is the time to install the terraces, to decorate the gardens, to illuminate the trees. We present our range of high performance and small consumption for outdoor LED lights. It is time to move the led!

LED Spotlights for Outdoor

Your outside are lit, your trees lit, but the bulbs burned or you are holding them to walk with the electricity bill in mind. In addition, with kids running in all directions, you are not alone and are always afraid they get burned.

Told you, we told you, it is time to move the led!

Here is our range of projectors led in which you will find the one suitable for your own use.

10W 100W than, they are available in 3 colors of white: hot, cold, natural (on order for the latter).

To help you, a 10W LED floodlight fit projector traditional 90/100 Watts halogen. Close to 10 times more light for a consumption bordering ridicule. Not to mention the 30 000 h of life

Another advantage, the LED being more and more widespread, prices go down and are even in free fall for products more efficient and resilient. This is how our first prize for a projector of 10W is €8.50 and you can enjoy the special pack of 10 projectors for the price of 9!

Our LED lights plug directly into the 220V and are IP65, i.e. waterproof rain.

Choose the Color, the Design

In addition to the simple spotlight, with or without motion detectors, you can choose the design with models like the th or the ONKO.

And even the color with RGB LED projectors that work with a remote control that will allow you to choose a color or color changes programming. Think about it to illuminate the facades of your House.

Finally, if you have no external electric installation and you do not want to get into big electricity works, you can opt for solar power. Today, technology for made great progress and the solar-powered projectors are also performing better than some small projectors. It takes just the Sun well expose solar panels.

Discover our offer of outdoor led lights at zephyrledlights.com.